Truck Drivers Swear to Block KCCA Relocation Plans


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About two months ago, the KCCA team led by the Executive Director Jenifer Musisi Semakula presented a proposal to the local government committee of parliament to be tabled on the floor for debate aimed at evicting heavy trucks around the city center.

Byron Kinene, the Chairman of the association noted in an exclusive interview that the move in the name of decongestion is not fair but aimed at kicking them out of business since the procedures being used are not clearly streamlined.

Kinene said on the proposal to always off-load at night, KCCA should continue to make further inquiries on how effective and impactful it will be both truck drivers and URA.

“The biggest problem KCCA has is implementing proposals without further inquiries; saying that big trucks should be off loaded at night is going to impact negatively on business because it involves at lot of costs like paying the night security guards to watch over during off load, paying over time for URA officials who would be removing the seals and also inconveniencing the businessman.”

He remarked that before KCCA considers relocating trucks to Nakivubo and Nabugabo, it should first think of offering tight security to these trucks and provides enough lights in the selected destinations to reduce on the risk of robbery that may accrue.

“Comparing Uganda with Rwanda is not necessary because the rules and procedures in the later are more streamlined unlike Uganda where there is no definite working procedure.”

Kinene added that KCCA should first build a well facilitated reserved parking before evicting the trucks.


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