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Spy Tape Cop Case Hearing Hits Snag


pill geneva;”>This follows the failure by prosecution to avail the defense lawyers with the file containing statements by witnesses to be used in this case.

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Shaban Sanywa and Vincent Mugisha, the defense lawyers, requested for an adjournment to allow them ample time so as to examine all statements that have been submitted by several witnesses as contained in the Police file which they have just received.

Sanywa told court that they were supposed to “receive the file last week but unfortunately we were told that the state Attorney had locked it in a secret place, rendering all their efforts to peruse through the file futile.”

Prosecution alleges that in March 2014 while at the Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Directorate (CIID) headquarters, Kampala Road, Mapeera House, Office of the Prime Minister and the NRM secretariat, Poteri being in possession of an official secret entrusted to him in confidence as a person holding an office of the government of Uganda, did pass on confidential information to persons not authorized to receive it contrary to section 4(i) (a) of the official secrets act.

The detective was recently arrested after an internal investigation indicated he had handed over the secret recordings to Ms Mbabazi.

Ms Mbabazi confirmed possessing the recording of Kayihura interviewing NRM youth but did not reveal her source.

Police say a section of NRM leaders resorted to bribery to mobilise signatures in acts against the party chairman, Yoweri Museveni.

Some youth leaders were temporarily jailed over the offences before being pardoned by President Museveni.a


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