South Sudan

S. Sudan Rebels Set New Demands for Peace Talks


visit this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>“The SPLM/SPLA delegation engaged the mediators in consultative meetings have come to conclude the process of selecting the stakeholders to the symposium has not been transparent and inclusive, viagra sale ” the rebel movement said in a statement to Chimpreports on Monday.

“There were no criteria for selecting participants to the symposium. The stakeholders outside government controlled areas, aggrieved IDPs in UNMISS camps, those who fled to neighboring countries for fear of their lives to Ethiopia, Kenya, the Sudan, Uganda, and the diasporas were excluded,” said Hussein Mar Nyuot, spokesperson to the Peace Talks, SPLM/SPLA.

The latest development raises fresh concerns about the rebels’ commitment to the peace talks.

Rebels claim the process of selecting the participants to the peace talks has not also been transparent and inclusive.

“The fourteen (14) Civil Society Organizations’ representatives who were selected in a process facilitated by USAID in collaboration with IGAD in Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Juba were disregarded. A faulty process was instead conducted on June 8, 2u14 using an expanded list beyond those who participated in the symposium for selecting 23 delegates to peace talks,” Nyuot added.

Chimpreports was unable to get a quick response from the government on the matter.

During the last peace talks, Machar and Kiir agreed to form a joint government to lead the nation towards national elections.

But Kiir insisted that a new government must comprise different stakeholders and members from the opposition.

This website understands that Machar’s loyalists want to dominate the new government, a move Kiir will surely resist.

Kiir accuses Machar of trying to unseat him in a botched coup in December last year, sparking a rebellion in the Tiger Battalion that eventually plunged the nation into turmoil.

In May this year, Kiir disclosed that Machar told him how he wants to be President.

“But I reminded him that I was elected by the people of South Sudan. He should wait for his time.”

The rebels said many complaints were raised about the recent stakeholders delegates’ selection process.

“Thereafter, an unacceptable attempt to ratify this faulty process by adding four extra delegates to each category (Political Parties, CSOs and Faith Based Organizations) was done on June 14, 2014. The SPLM/SPLA notes that the current stakeholders’ participation mechanism adopted by the IGAD Mediation Process will result in four (4) direct negotiating groups (GRSS, and Political Parties SPLM/SPLA former SPLM Detainees),” added Nyuot.

“In the light of the above, the SPLM/SPLA seriously objects to this faulty process and calls for a credible, transparent, and inclusive process to be conducted for selecting other stakeholders’ delegates. By taking this position, the SPLMJSPLA reiterates its commitment to a genuine inclusive process.”

The militants also reiterated that the “negotiation is between the two direct parties (GRSS and SPLM/SPLA), However like minds stakeholders can flock together with either of the parties.”

“We need clarification on these issues before the opening of the next round of the peace talks. The SPLM/SPLA agrees to ensure inclusion of all South Sudanese the stakeholders in the peace process, and the negotiation of a transitional government of national unity, in order to ensure broad ownership of the agreed outcomes: stakeholders include: the two direct negotiators (GRSS and SPLM/SPLM) and others such as the SPLM Leaders (Former Detainees) Political Parties, Civil Society, and faith-based leaders.”


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