Museveni: Disbanding NAADS Was Long Overdue


shop geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>“Last year while in Nakaseke during the Heroes day celebrations, I realized veterans were in a poor state and I deployed soldiers who have performed well. We have always provided money through NAADS but it was turned into salaries and seminars yet little was used for inputs and seedlings, ” said the president in Mukono on Sunday evening.

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“That’s why I have abolished NAADS, the workers will be chased and money will concentrate on seedlings and materials.”

The president said after abolishing NAADS, the soldiers will serve in all areas of the country which he said would lead to development of both rural and urban areas through factories to process agricultural products.

Activists have since warned Museveni against what they have termed as ‘militarising’ the agricultural sector, saying soldiers lack the technical competence to enable farmers boost their yields.

Museveni further rooted for wealth creation which he said would uplift the economic conditions of all Ugandans.

He, however, warned that development is not directly related to wealth creation and urged people to differentiate between the two aspects.

“When I first came to Kampala in 1963, I found the road to Tororo was tarmac and since we came to power, we have repaired it. If tarmac is development, then people around the road should also be well off which is not the case. We need to explain to our people that wealth is in their individual homes but development is general,” the president urged.

According to Museveni, a community can have good hospitals, schools and other facilities but warned that the issue of wealth creation in homes should be considered as a priority.

“When I have cattle and the roads are good, I can transport my products to the market for money and that’s wealth creation at the same time development which is good.”


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