Top TV Workers On Sit Down Strike over Salaries


find geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>After six months of non-payment and false promises, Pastor Jackson Senyonga’s employees early this week decided to abandon the three media houses (Top TV, Top Radio and FM J).

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Two months ago, Pastor Senyonga returned to the country with all his family and started organizing the “Naawe Osobola” kivulu in which people were to be taught how to make money by being self employed people in over five districts across the country.

The man of God was able to convince his employees that immediately after the “Naawe Osobola,” he would clear all their arrears and even pay them advances.

The obedient workers kept working tirelessly with a hope of being paid.

The workers were, however, disappointed last week when they learnt that all the five ‘kivulus’ across the country only registered losses with very few people appearing out of the expected number of over 300 participants.

The upcountry districts visited by Ssenyonga included Nakapiripiriti, Masaka, Mbale, Rukungiri and Mbarara.

Last Saturday, pastor Senyonga finalized with the Kampala ‘Naawe Osobola’ which took place at Kololo airstrip.

An anonymous source in the Accounts department revealed that they were able to get profits of only Shs5m.

The disappointed pastor last week disclosed the sad news to the station manager Dunstan Busulwa that he had no money to pay the workers and asked him to tell them either to continue working as they wait for money or quit their jobs.

“The desperate workers reacted by mobilizing a secret sit down strike. As per now, none of the workers is in the field. The control room was fully programmed and locked by the control guys,” said a source.

“Right from Monday last week, there was no TV news read and even Radio news is just being tapped for other media houses. The station also has only two small old cameras which are being shared by the three station reporters that remained on duty.”

In a bid to convince his workers to return to their stations, Pastor Senyonga endeavoured to explain to his angry staff that he had no money but they refused to listen.

The angry workers said that they had been patient enough.

The Pastor only opened floor for two questions which he did not even answer.

He walked out claiming he was late for another meeting. The workers vowed not to return to work until they are paid.


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