South Sudan

Gen Malong: We’ll Fight For South Sudan’s Stability


thumb geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Gen. Malong Awan was accompanied by Lt. Gen. Ajongo, the Deputy Chief of staff for Operations, and Lt. Gen. Johnson Gony Bliew, Sector II Commander of the SPLA.

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Officials told Chimpreports that Gen. Malong was warmly welcomed at Nasir Airport not only by the Commissioners of Ulang and Nasir counties but also Brig. Gen. Kong Thow Kong and hundreds of civilians, chiefs and religious leaders.

Gen Malong was recently appointed to take charge of the war against Riek Machar’s rebels in the Upper Nile State, replacing Gen Hoth Mai.

After his arrival, Gen. Malong first met with the two Commissioners and Brig. Gen. Kong Thow and was briefed on the security situation in Jikany territories.

Commissioner Dak Tap noted that fighting is not any longer taking place in four Jikany counties. He further revealed that the renegade Gen. Gathoth Gatkuoth’s forces left Mandeng village for Pagak.

Gatkuoth himself went to Addis Ababa and joined the rebel leaders in Sheraton Hotel that has now become the Headquarters of the SPLM-in-Opposition.

Gen. Malong praised Hon. Dak Tap and Hon. Gatkuoth Biem for “defending the constitution” of South Sudan and expressed deep gratitude to the Governor, Simon Kun Puoc who convinced the leaders of Jikany White Army and chiefs to reject rebellion and work for peace.

Since the liberation of Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut and Longichuk counties, peace has returned to Jikany land and farmers have started cultivating.

In the afternoon, officials told Chimpreports, Gen. Malong met with the leaders of the Jikany White Army, Chiefs and priests and briefed them about the peace process in Addis Ababa.

Gen. Malong told the gathering that “SPLM/A was born in Jikany land and Jikany cannot allow South Sudan to be turned into Somalia by some politicians after becoming independence. The struggle for independence killed thousands of Jikany and this is the time for people to work for peace and development.”

The Chief-of-General-staff informed the chiefs that the UNWFP will airdrop food to all areas of Jikany to avert the impending famine will receive food aid as soon as possible.

“The UNWFP will deliver foods to Akobo, Waat, Nasir, Ulang, Maiwut town, Longichuk, Mangok and Pagak to ensure that people don’t starve to death. I encourage the farmers to start cultivation because the UN food is not enough to meet all the needs of the population,” he added.

The paramount chief of Nasir praised Gen. Paul Malong for visiting them and made it abundantly clear that no single child of Jikany will ever take up arm against the government.

The chief stated that the Jikany youth have realized that what happened on December, 15, was a political problem between SPLM politicians and not a tribal war.

He said that politicians should solve their own problems without using young men as tools for destruction.

“Jikany in general have decided to end the war in South Sudan by rejecting negative campaign of politicians who are calling for Armageddon,” said the local leader.

The paramount chief of Nasir concluded his remarks by urging the government of South Sudan in general and President Kiir in particular to defend the constitution and work for the unity of the people of South Sudan.


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