Amooti: Amarula Family Destroyed by Greed


prescription this geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The group has broken up with Allan Mujuni alias Amooti recruiting new comedians to start afresh.

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Amarula Family is one of the first comedy groups in Uganda. It started in 1998.

It was originally made up of only three members Messe, Amooti and the late Paddy Bitama who at one point quit the group to join politics but returned shortly before passing on.

However, by the time Bitama died, the centre could not hold. Things fell apart.

Amooti, in an interview with ChimpLyf on Sunday, blamed Messe’s “greed for money” for the breakup of the group.

“The fall of Amarula started in Kibibi, a village located in Mpigi District where the group had gone to perform. Messe was in charge of handling the money but he ran away with it even before the show started,” alleged Amooti.

“The entire show was disorganized since there was no money to pay the comedians. The people who had paid their money to watch the show started rioting and throwing stones.”

Amooti said the incident bred mistrust among members, leading to the group’s eventual disintegration.

Amooti told ChimpLyf in a phone call the process of recruiting new comedians is underway. He also urged potential comedians to contact him for opportunities.

Messe was not readily available for comment.


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