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World Cup: Police to Close Insecure Venues


sickness geneva;”>While responding to security concerns of 613 university students undergoing a basic self defense and crime prevention course at police training school Kabalye in Masindi district this week, more about Kayihura re-echoed the police position on protection of life and property for all Ugandans during this world cup football craze in the face of the terrorist threat.

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Several people at Rugby Club Kyadondo and Ethiopian village in Kabalagala, Kampala on July 11, 2010 were attacked and killed in bomb blasts in what turned out to be a terrorist attack on Uganda.

Deputy Police Spokesperson, Polly Namaye said terrorists have a tendency of repeating attacks at or around the same time as the previous attack and sometimes even at the same place.

The IGP stressed that some of the proprietors reject police advice to secure their venues making it easy for terrorists to find soft spots to attack and kill people in big numbers, stressing that this time the police will not sit back as such injustices occur.

Instead the unsecured venues, especially where World Cup will be showing, shall be closed to curtail any attack.

“A team of experts is already moving around the country to establish those places without adequate security for the revellers so that they can be closed down,” said Namaye.


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