South Sudan

Power Struggle Breaking South Sudan's Spine


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ask geneva;”>When the people of South Sudan voted overwhelmingly for the independence of their beloved country on January, 9th 2011, we all thought that we had finally been freed from the cruel Khartoum regime that had mistreated us for many years in a country that was called our own denying us education, health, roads and other essentials.

However this is not the case because some of our leaders have a mentality that; having fought in the civil war between North and South Sudan, as a reward, they have a right to remain in power for as long as they wish even when the country is marred by underdevelopment.

I was once told by one official that, “This is time for eating, not development like you, the youth think; because some of us already stayed too long in the bush; afterwards, we shall hand the country to you, then you will know what to do with it.”

I responded to this man by telling him that development ca never come on its own but by the leaders.

I know some people who put their lives on the line in that war for the good of our country, but have never tasted the fruits of our independence whereas the former political detainees who even never contributed that much in the struggle that killed thousands of our people are the ones already scrambling for the transition government.

Such people are a big part of the problem in our country today and should not be included in the forth-coming transition government. They are only interested in grabbing power.

I agree with the Kenyan Members of Parliament who were calling for the expulsion of these renegades from the Nairobi hotel they were staying because they are sabotaging peace in their home country through their divisionism.

The chaos we are seeing right now in South Sudan is something none of us expected in the beginning. Some of our leaders have just turned so greedy for power.

The African continent should not be stabbed by greed from its leaders which is the reason we are suffering day and night. For the sake of South Sudan, good governance should not be expected from outsiders, not even from the talks in Addis Ababa. That should be our own initiative.

The following measures should also be taken into consideration;

1. Ceasefire must be restored in the country and all faction forces evacuated from their positions as we wait the upcoming election 2015.

2. Western governments should monitor the peace agreements and ensure that is provisions are complied with

3. The constitution should be changed to allow only two five year terms for the leaders.

4. The People of South Sudan should decide about the federal system.

5. Free and fair election must be conducted on time.

6. No third term any more.

If we put these rules into action, our country will be peaceful and democratic state forever.

God Bless South Sudan!

Bayak Chuol Puoch is the Former Chairperson of the Nuer Community and Executive Director of the Naath Community Development Center in Cairo, Egypt.

He can be reached at .


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