EXCLUSIVE: Museveni Remarks on Oyo Spark Outrage in Tooro


treatment geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The monarch also reacted angrily at Museveni’s recent remarks in which he said Oyo should go ahead with his planned hunger strike as it would help to put his size in good shape.

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pills geneva;”>This website on Monday broke news that Oyo would start fasting in July, 2014, protesting President Museveni’s decision of creating more kingdoms out of the greater monarchy in western Uganda.

Obudhingiya Bwa Bamba and Rwenzururu kingdoms were curved out of greater Tooro Kingdom.

It all started last week with Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister Hon Stephen Kaliba announcing that King Oyo would embark on a seven-day fasting period as a way of showing his dissatisfaction with the split of his kingdom into ‘unnecessary’ monarchs that have caused tribal conflicts in the region.

Responding to a question from journalist at Rwakitura this week on whether he was concerned by Oyo’s fasting, Museveni advised the King to “turn to the track of freedom fighters who struggled for freedom.“

Museveni, who also explained the existence of Bamba and Bakonjo in the area, noted:

“If my son the King of Tooro has decided to fast, it will help him guard his figure and remain fit. But I advise him to turn to the track of freedom fighters who brought this freedom and restored cultural institutions. We shall not allow anybody to divide the country.”

The remarks have since angered the Kingdom, with social media enthusiasts speculating that Museveni meant Oyo is fat.

Heavy response

The monarch has now fired back, warning Museveni that “Tooro, the sleeping giant, is now waking up.”

In a press statement seen by Chimpreports on Saturday, Kaliba denied reports that the King will embark on a hunger strike.

“What is true, however, is that the King will allocate time next month on his private schedule to fast and pray as a cultural and religious belief. This is not the first time the Tooro Royal Family is doing so. His Majesty has always from time to time fasted and prayed seeking Devine intervention against the works of the Devil in his Kingdom. It is also true, that the King is dedicating time to fast and pray for the challenging situations Tooro Kingdom is going through,” said Kaliba.

He further noted that the fasting will also give the King time to pray for his subjects amidst the various “social-economic hardships” they are going through in their private lives.

He added: “The people of Tooro have been deeply saddened to learn from the media, the disrespectful reactions by His excellence the president towards the King’s action of fasting and praying; whereas the president has a right to express his opinion, the inappropriate language used towards our beloved King is regrettable.

The use of the words ‘akavubuka ke Tooro’ and ‘this boy of Tooro’ by his excellence the president are culturally and morally unacceptable by not only the people of Tooro but all cultural institutions in Uganda and I would like to call upon all Cultural Leaders in the country to join the people of Tooro and condemn in the strongest terms possible this act of marginalizing and trivializing Cultural Leaders. On that note, I wish to bring to the attention of President Museveni the following.”

Kaliba elaborated that Oyo is King by birth and that his physical appearance, age and colour are not for public opinion.

“His majesty the Omukama is a fountain of honour to our Tooro culture. He is a symbol of our identity with a sacred social status compared to none in our land and beyond. The people of Tooro are peaceful, loving and very respectful. Any action of disrespect is not welcome. In this case, an action of disrespect towards His majesty the King of Tooro is a personal attack on the people of Tooro region and Uganda as a whole,” charged the Prime Minister.


Analysts say Kaliba’s remarks evoke memories of Dan Muliika’s era as Buganda Prime Minister during which relations between the central government and Mengo took a nosedive, leading to the turbulent 2009 Buganda riots in which lives were lost and property worth billions of shillings destroyed.

It is hugely likely that Tooro could be headed in similar direction as long as the youthful King remains under the guardianship of the radical Premier.

President Museveni and fallen Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi were Oyo’s guardians since the age of 3 when the King’s father was assassinated.

Knowledgeable sources say Oyo and Museveni enjoyed friendly relations until recently when his Prime Minister embarked on an aggressive policy of recovering the kingdom’s properties.

Kaliba also facilitated the march of hundreds of youth from Tooro to Kampala to petition Parliament, demanding the return of the monarch’s properties.

The Prime Minister admitted in a statement President Museveni “holds a special status entrusted onto him by the people of Tooro as a guardian for the then young King Dr. Oyo and defender of the crown (Mujwarakondo). This means, a supportive role to the King” and that “In light of the above, we appreciate the numerous contributions His Excellency the President has made towards the institution of Tooro Kingdom but that does not for a second give him leverage to undermine His Majesty Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi IV, our king and the people of Tooro.”


Kaliba said the people of Tooro Kingdom demand a “complete withdrawal of President Museveni’s words; ‘akavubuka ke Tooro’ and ‘this boy of Tooro’ as used in reference to Omukama of Tooro His Majesty Dr. Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukiidi IV” and “an apology to his Majesty the King and people of Tooro be made by President Museveni as a person for such disrespectful language towards our King.”

Kaliba said “sons and daughters of Tooro sacrificed their lives towards the struggle for the liberation of this country. Presently, the people of Tooro have supported President Museveni’s (NRM) Government consistently and faithfully. After all these years, a lot of unfulfilled promises and pledges to the people of Tooro still hang. The people of Tooro have continued to be taken for granted by Mr. Museveni’s Government.”

He pointed out that the “hospitality and support by the people of Tooro should not be taken for cowardice and short sightedness. The President should not make the people of Tooro regret the choice of their bride. ‘When one hurts a heart that loves him/her that heart bleeds and the consequences are usually bloody.’ Finally I would like to warn that Tooro the sleeping giant is now waking up.”’


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