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EXCLUSIVE: How I Survived Grenade Attack in Namugongo


buy information pills http://chopcult.com/troyfab/classifieds/141884/include/js/images/secure.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>It’s a Thursday afternoon when I arrive at the 77-year-old man’s home at Mbalwa village, drugs http://danmarknorge.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-taxonomy-endpoint.php Kira Town Council in Wakiso district – just 200 meters away from the Namugongo Martyrs’ Shrine.

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Here, friends and relatives are swarming Lukeberwa’s home to listen to the ordeal on how their dearest elder had a close shave with death.

“It was around 4:20 am on Monday morning (June 9) that I was woken up from deep sleep by the sound of a smashed window (pointing at the window which was being repaired). I called on my wife to wake up and we started making an alarm for we had been attacked by thugs,” Lukeberwa explains.

“As I cried out for help, something fell on my bed and I thought it was a rat because we did not have electricity that night. In a bid to avoid putting my life on the line, I psychologically defeated the urge of moving out of the house not until a neighbour came to our rescue.”

According to Lukeberwa, her wife had by this time also gotten up and was wondering what had happened as their four children were now awake.

“When the neighbour arrived, he requested to know what had happened and I narrated it all to him before returning to the house to see what had been used to smash the window. We realized it was a big stone and we immediately agreed to report to police the incident.”

Lukeberwa said on returning from Police, they found the children had discovered a stick-like object near the bed and were now wondering who had brought bad omen into their house.


“I immediately told them to put it down because I was so suspicious. My wife then immediately called Kira Police Station to intervene. On arrival, police officers directed us to vacate the house before confirming the object as a bomb. At this time my heart skipped a beat,” Lukeberwa reveals.

“I knew some people wanted us dead but up to now I have never known why. Why me?” he sobs.

Lukeberwa says had it not been for God’s protection, he would be dead

Wife Narrates Ordeal

According to Teo Lukeberwa, after the discovery of the explosive, police cordoned off the house and could not allow any one near it as they carried out sweeps for more grenades.

“They brought sniffer dogs that entered and searched the house one after the other before a bomb expert was called in from Nsambya police barracks,” she explains.

“A few minutes later, a loud bang and smoke filled the whole area and I can assure you people from as far as Bweyogerere were able to hear it. In fact some thought it was a car tyre that had burst. A terrified old woman broke her leg as she took off for safety,” Lukeberwa narrates as she points to a big hole that was dug by bomb as it was being disposed off by experts.

The incident has since raised fears of terrorists operating within the central region.

It also occurred just three days after thousands of Christians celebrated Uganda Martyrs’ Day at Namugongo.

A few hours earlier, Nelson Enyedu, 34, a resident of Owoonga village in Soroti District, together with his two children, were killed in a grenade attack.

The hollow handle of the stick grenade has a ring, pull cord, igniter and a 3-4 second time delay.

The wooden top is unscrewed; the ring slipped over a finger, and throwing the grenade causes the pull cord to activate the igniter.

The explosion fragments the metal body, delivering shrapnel with about a 10 yard killing radius.

The pit dug by the grenade as it was being disposed off

This means all occupants of the house would have perished in the grenade attack.

Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango says investigations are underway to indentify masterminds of the heinous attack.

“The bomb squad disposed off the bomb without registering any casualties,” said Onyango, adding, “We will find whoever was behind this murderous act.”

God’s mercy

The 77-year-old man was full of praises to the Almighty for having spared his life and family from the deadly attack.

“We would all by now be dead including my cows and neighbours but thanks be to God for we are alive and kicking. This was a miracle for us to survive such a bomb. What if it had exploded, where would we be now?”wonders the old man.

“I pray that the Almighty rewards whoever was responsible for the incident with what they deserve because it was a gruesome act.”


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