South Sudan

Youth Plan Massive Pro-Federalism Protests in Juba


approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The planned protests have since received the support of the National Youth Union, sending ripples down the spine of security chiefs in the war-torn country.

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The Youth Movement said in a statement to Chimpreports on Saturday that it unanimously supports “the youth, women and men who will turn out to demonstrate in support of federalism today Saturday in Juba,” adding, “The current regime of tyranny does not represent the aspirations and legitimate demands of the people of South Sudan. It must be brought down whether through peaceful means or by force.”

Machar’s loyalists have in recent weeks been fronting the idea of a Federal System of governance in South Sudan’s ten states in what appears a move to weaken the central government under President Salva Kiir.

It’s reported some mediators at the peace talks in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, threw their weight behind the demands for a Federal system.

The planned youth protests are likely to fuel security tensions in Juba.

The youth movement said a diverse country like South Sudan must adopt a system of governance that respect, recognise and incorporate the historical and legitimate demand of South Sudan people since 1947.

“As the people of Central Equatorial take to the streets on Saturday to demonstrate against injustice, political impunity, tyranny, oppression, inequality, tribalism, corruptions, lack of political rights, poverty, bad governance and occupation from all foreign forces, we must be mindful about the grave danger awaiting us on the street of Juba,” reads the National Youth Union statement.

Government recently warned it does not have teargas to disperse rioters but that it would use all necessary and legally acceptable means to quell violence on Juba streets.

But the youth said, “We must rise and force this regime out of power. Revolution is the only answer to this regime. The revolution of 1688 in England and 1789 in France, United States, Japan, Brazil and etc, have made these countries stable, rich and prosperous. This quest for fundamental political transformation must be embraced by all sections of south Sudanese. Federalism as seen in most of the Federations is the only solution for South Sudan.”

Kiir speaks out

Opening Parliament early this month, President Kiir said his countrymen should be allowed a chance to decide the type of governance they deem fit and that Federalism should not be imposed on them.

“The issue of federalism that is seems used by Riek Machar on pretext that he wants to divide the internal front is not really viable at all because federalism has been the demand of people of South Sudan for a long time even before the independence of Sudan,” said Kiir.

Kiir reminded Parliament South Sudanese politicians demanded for federalism in 1955 in Torit and 1963 during a Khartoum meeting, adding “It was not Riek Machar who tabled it but the people of South Sudan who should decide nature of governance they want. This idea was not brought by an individual. Even myself as a President, I cannot decide about it by decree.”

War broke out in South Sudan last year, leaving a massive trail of bloodshed and destruction.

It is hoped that Kiir and Machar will in the next two months agree on a transitional government to facilitate national elections.


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