PHOTOS: Cindy's Erotic World Cup Stage Perfomance


pill http://concursofotografia.orihuela.es/wp-admin/includes/class-pclzip.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Sports journalists, businessmen and other corporate figures expressed mixed reactions but many concurred the erotic dance was too-hot-to-handle.

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But scores of fans in the audience showed their support for Cindy’s gig, saying they did not see anything wrong with her dance style considering there were no kids present.

The talented singer, famous for hits like ‘Ayokyayokya’ and ‘Amateeka’ performed her latest hit single at the function amidst loud cheers and ululations.

Cindy and her hot dancers on state at Sheraton Hotel on Thursday night

Cindy who is well known for her love for skimpy clothes clearly outdid herself this time around and also her dancers too did not disappoint.

They were dressed in revealing shorts commonly known as ‘patras’ leaving so little to imagination.

The trio danced so provocatively to Cindy’s new tune raising the temperatures of the already tipsy audience of corporate soccer fanatics.

The dancers at it again

“The hype and excitement went beyond limits when Cindy and her energetic dancers started pulling rare and voluptuous dance moves that sent the corporate dominated crowd into the wildest of cheers,” a ChimpLyfe Corp reveals.

Some of the corporates at the function

Cindy doing her thing for soccer fans

Cindy’s gig was not easy to handle for soccer fans


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