Muliika Forms Group to Facilitate Change of Gov’t


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The organisation’s aim is to “inform and sensitise Ugandans that they can easily change government through peaceful means, this web ” according to Muliika, more about a harsh critic of the NRM government.

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It is widely thought Muliika’s reign at Mengo saw relations between Buganda and central government take a huge nosedive.

His successor, JB Walusimbi, inherited the tense relations which culminated into the bloody riots of 2009, destroying lives and property.

Muliika said, “Immediately after the end of President Museveni’s term in 2006, an interim government should be created to manage the affairs of this nation.”

“The members forming this movement think that government could be formed based on kingdoms and chiefdoms which should be termed as nations.”

Launching the pressure group on Thursday at Sharing Hall in Nsambya, Dan Muliika said they would like to bring on board different stakeholders from Acholi, Ankole , Buganda, Bugisu ,Bukedi, Bunyoro , Busoga, Karamoja Kigezi , Lango , Madi , Sebei , Teso, Toro and West Nile.

“To us, we do not believe in elections because the Electoral Commission will use all possible means to produce their own results, but we think that all regions should be given chances to have their own delegates at the national level,” charged Muliika.

The Movement also believes that since the abolition of the 1962 Constitution, “Uganda has never been reconstituted and all the subsequent Constitutions made in Uganda have been made for individuals.”

Muliika further said the group will provide civic education to both urban and rural communities throughout the country in order to “overcome ignorance and get informed of what they are supposed to get as citizens of this country.”

The formation of this movement pressure group comes at a time when Uganda is preparing for 2016 presidential elections.


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