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Special Forces Speak out on Tank Crew Fugitive


cost geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Ntale has since been reported Absent Without official Leave (AWOL), purchase having abandoned his work station at State House, Nakasero, in May.

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“His (Ntale) is a case of discipline. He disappeared last month. We don’t know where he is but when you desert we look for you. The day we get you, the Court Martial deals with you,” said SFC spokesperson, Maj Chris Magezi.

Speaking to Chimpreports on Thursday, Magezi said Ntale’s track record is tainted by a litany of indiscipline cases and that the officer could have been running away from debts.

“We had cautioned him several times but it appears he had failed on that front. He is also a debtor. He had an outstanding loan of shs10.3m from Wazzalendo SACCO. That could be one of the reasons he chose to run away,” said Magezi.

Ntale’s whereabouts remain unclear but sources say he could have joined wrong elements loyal to exiled fugitive General, David Sejusa to destabilise Uganda.

Before he fled to UK, Sejusa had planted spies inside SFC to assess the force’s strength.


Magezi said Ntale’s record is generally bad.

“We are not surprised that he has deserted. He has been too money-minded. He was into several private businesses which affected his performance and work. Because of that he has been absenting himself from duty and not executing his duties efficiently,” he added.

Asked whether such instances of indiscipline are not undermining the elite force’s reputation as a professional force, Magezi said Ntale’s decision was an “isolated incident.”

“He was diverted by other private interests. The law will catch up with him.”

This website also tasked Magezi to explain why three other SFC members identified as Frank Lwasampijja Mbidde, Gerald Kimbugwe and Cpl Lubega deserted the force.

He said the soldiers deserted a year before Ntale called it quits.

Ntale is AWOL

“There is no crisis in SFC. If someone is trying to manufacture a crisis, that’s their personal or organisational agendas we don’t know. SFC has always been specially targeted by some sections of hostile media and the opposition,” he noted.

“Even when a small thing happens, they want to magnify it out of proportion. We will remain focused on our job. And we are happy with how our work is progressing. The rest of us will continue to do our work routinely.”

Magezi further said, “contrary to what some elements want to suggest, SFC is cohesive, united and we are committed to our work.”

According to the UPDF Act, a militant is declared absent when they spend 14 consecutive days away from their work stations and AWOL after 21 days. After 90 days, one is considered a deserter, risking 7 to 14 years in jail.


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