Museveni Agrees To Withdraw UPDF From South Sudan


cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Museveni, find who had earlier maintained that he would not allow UPDF soldiers to vacate the area until a substantive joint force under IGAD is deployed as a buffer zone between the rebels and SPLA forces, and surprised Machar during a closed-door meeting in Addis Ababa Ethiopia when he revealed that Ugandan forces would soon start pulling out.

Sources close to South Sudan President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar separately told this investigative website that Museveni’s remarks stunned the entire mediators at the national presidential palace.

“We don’t know if he (Museveni) is serious about it, but doctor (Machar) told us Museveni, who was gently speaking, agreed to withdraw UPDF this time.”

A source from Machar’s side who asked not to be named says.

During a state visit to Juba late last year, Museveni who had deployed troops in South Sudan starting December 18, gave Machar only four days to lay down arms and embrace peace talks lest he is pursued at all costs.

“We are giving him four days to stop fighting and go for talks. If he fails, we shall follow him in the bush.” Museveni charged in Juba late last year.

Days later in another summit in Angolan capital Luanda, Museveni repeated the same and as well declared that UPDF was already engaged in offensive attacks against the rebels of Machar who defected from the main South Sudan national army, SPLA.

“We lost some our soldiers but we taught them a lesson and we shall continue,” Museveni said in Luanda.

During the Tuesday session in Addis Ababa, Museveni was the main mediator in bringing both Kiir and Machar to a common position to end the bloody war that claimed tens of thousands of lives, displacing 1.3 million people internally and 360,000 to the neighboring countries.

A source from Kiir’s side also confirmed this development but quickly added that “Museveni only agreed to withdraw if Machar and his rebels practically respect the agreements signed especially on Cessation of Hostilities and committing to an inclusive political solution.”

“Museveni repeatedly told him (Machar) to hold fire and respect the outcomes of dialogue and agreements. He accepted withdrawing UPDF,” the high ranking government official in South Sudan told this website on Wednesday.

Contacted, the UPDF spokesman Col. Paddy Ankunda told Chimpreports that the force will follow instructions from the Commander-in-Chief, president Museveni.

“If that is what he says we have nothing to add. We are ready to follow instructions from our commander in chief.” Col Ankunda says.

The presence of UPDF in South Sudan has been one of the sticky issues forwarded by the rebels before they could cease fire or sign agreements.

Parliament of Uganda as required by the Constitution approved the deployment of UPDF in the fragile neighboring nation early this year to save the nation from being plunged into genocide.


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