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Army Speaks out on Kabamba Attack Plot Suspect's Death


see store http://cbpa.com/wp-includes/class-feed.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>UPDF and Defence Ministry spokesperson, approved Lt Col Paddy Ankunda confirmed the deceased succumbed to pneumonia and that doctors gave their all to save him without success

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“The suspect died of natural causes. Our hospitals and medical staff are among the best in the country. Doctors did their best to save his life in vain,” Ankunda told Chimpreports in an exclusive interview on Wednesday.

Lutwama was among the 12 suspects detained at Makindye barracks and Kigo Prison for reportedly conspiring to attack Kabamba Barracks in Mubende District.

The suspect, who passed away on May 28, was laid to rest on Sunday in Kapeeka, Nakaseke district.

Prosecution alleges that the accused and others still at large between the months of February and May this year in the various places of Kampala, Wakiso, Masaka, Luweero and in Nairobi, Kenya, consciously omitted to disclose vital information about recruitment of people to engage into activities intended to prejudice the security of the defence forces by attacking the armoured warfare barracks in Mubende district.

Appearing before the Court Martial, the accused denied plotting an assault on the barracks.

Last week, Lutwama’s family hired lawyers Abdullah Kiwanuka of Lukwago & Co. Advocates to take government to court, saying they “are not convinced that Lutwama died of pneumonia.”

Family members complained that Lutwama had not been brought to court with other suspects on the second hearing.

Authorities explained then that the suspect had fallen sick but without providing more details, causing anxiety among Lutwama’s relatives.

The lawyers claim army officials denied Lutwama’s family an opportunity to visit him even when he was unwell.

Ankunda denied accusations that the inmate was a victim of torture.

“Torture in UPDF? Never. He died of pneumonia.”


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