PHOTOS: Egypt's Al-Sisi Strong Ties with Uganda Revealed


sales sickness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Last week, site President Museveni sent a message to congratulate the new leader before dispatching Regional Cooperation State Minister, information pills Asuman Kiyingi for the swearing-in ceremony in Cairo.

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Kiyingi said, “President Al-Sisi’s inauguration ceremony and the luncheon thereafter, both of which we attended, offered us opportunity to meet and interact with various dignitaries” who included Eritrean President, Isaias Afwerki.

The Minister further pointed out that Egypt deserves to be readmitted to the African Union as it is “demonstrating a clear will to return to democracy and constitutionalism.”

Egypt was suspended from AU after the toppling of Muslim Brotherhood leader, Mohammed Morsi.

Cairo has on several occasions dispatched delegations to meet President Museveni to convince fellow African leaders reconsider their decision on suspending Egypt.

It should be remembered that relations between Egypt and Uganda nearly collapsed during Morsi’s regime especially after he threatened to wage war on Ethiopia over the construction of the ‘Grand Renaissance Dam’.

Kiyingi meeting Eritrean strongman,
Afwerki at Al-Sisi’s inauguration ceremony in Cairo last week

The Islamist and radical leader had vowed to “replace with blood every drop of the Nile lost in the construction of the dam.”

The comments sparked off international outrage, with several leaders including Museveni openly warning Morsi that Black Africa would never tolerate neo-colonial attitudes.

Sisi in a chat with Mugira at a dinner in Cairo

Morsi was eventually overthrown and jailed.

Interestingly, the new Egyptian leader told Ethiopian Foreign Affairs Minister, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in Cairo last week that, “I will not allow the Grand Renaissance Dam damage Egypt’s relationship with sister Ethiopia, or rest of Africa.”

Al-Sisi’s inauguration remarks especially on strengthening relations with neighbours have revived hopes of political stability in the region.

Chimpreports has Tuesday learnt that during Hosni Mubarak’s reign, Al-Sisi, who was then Egypt’s military intelligence chief, paid a visit to Uganda.

Mugira and Al -Sisi in Cairo

He visited River Nile and interacted with his then Ugandan counterpart, Brig James Mugira and others. The pair exchanged gifts before returning to Cairo.

Since then, sources say, Uganda has enjoyed cordial relations with Egypt’s security organs thus boosting regional efforts in combating terrorism and other cross-border crimes.


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