PHOTOS: KCCA Closes Grand Imperial Hotel


find geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The development raised concerns over the safety of dozens of people who flock the posh Hotel for meetings and conferences on a daily basis.

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While details of the cause of the collapse were still elusive, pictures point possible result substandard nature of the building.

KCCA officials rushed to the scene and immediately closed down the hotel for people’s safety.

Floors cracked at the Hotel, putting lives at stake

KCCA Executive Director Jennifer Musisi confirmed closure of the uptown structure in a tweet: “The floor of Didi’s Hall Grand Imperial Hotel caved in. KCCA has closed the hotel to protect the public.”

The Authority also revealed they dispatched a team to carry out a thorough inspection of the place.

The entire Hotel will be inspected to see if it’s fit to accomodate human beings

The news was met with fury on the internet with various commentators calling for comprehensive inspection to be carried out on other buildings and hotels around town.

“Please check Imperial Royale basement/parking lot, the cracks are too many and maybe dangerous to people,” tweeted Peter Magelah.The hotel is located on Speke Road, on Nakasero Hill, in the heart of Kampala’s central business district.

Adjacent landmarks include the East African Development Bank, the Bank of Uganda, Kampala Sheraton Hotel and the Ugandan headquarters of Standard Chartered Bank.

Records show the complex is one of the first hotels to be built in colonial Uganda in the early 20th Century.

It has a total of 103 rooms, a swimming pool, two restaurants (Didi’s Dining Room) (The Coffee Terrace), two bars (Cooper’s Bar) and (The African Bar), a shopping arcade (Grand Imperial Shopping Arcade) and gymnasium.


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