Gov't Toughens on child Labour


look geneva;”>The celebrations are to be conducted at National Theater in Kampala.

capsule geneva;”>In Uganda child labor is common in children between 14 to 17 year with many working as maids and others employed on plantations where they are subjected to work beyond their capacity.

While unleashing the day’s program in Kampala, the state Minister for Elderly and Disabled, Hon. Sulaiman Madada noted that social protection aims at providing support to the poor and vulnerable families, helping them out of social and economic shocks and hence shielding children from child labor.

“Instruments that are helpful in combating child labor include cash and in kind transfers that enhance income security for the families that is later used to facilitate access to education, health care hence preventing child labor.”

Madada further remarked that the government has been able to expand social protection program to 14 pilot districts through the extension of cash.

He added that government has embarked on hunting down all companies that have made it a habit of taking Ugandans abroad to engage them in commercial sex and slave labor without their prior consent.

“All companies that take people abroad for work must be fully licensed and authorized by the Ministry; we have also embarked on amending all the laws that govern working in the Diaspora.”


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