Todwong blasts Jacqueline Mbabazi over Kyankwanzi resolution


generic geneva; color: #222222;”>The Prime minister’s wife who also happens to be the party’s women league leader came out over the weekend and denounced any knowledge of the such a decision by the party women to endorse president Museveni as a sole candidate come 2016 general elections.

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“I am not aware of any such decision by the Women’s League top leadership that endorsed the Kyankwazi resolution to elect President Museveni as the party’s sole candidate in 2016.”

“If they have done it, then it was in their individual capacities but not as Women’s League,” she added.

Commenting on her statement, Richard Todwong sympathized with Mrs Jacqueline saying “I don’t think there is any rift in the league if she feels not part of that she is free to say it. She has a right not
to support it for reasons known to all.”

On the same note, in an interview at parliament, the party spokesperson and minister for gender, Mary Karoro Okurutu responded to Mbabazi’s claims calling her to order.

“I don’t understand what she says. She needs to be educated on what endorsement means because if 90% of the women’s league has endorsed the resolution, what more does she need to call it endorsement?”

“Nobody understands her when she disputes these obvious facts. It is ridiculous of any sane leader! I am reliably informed that they even consulted their constituencies so what more does one demand for God’s sake?” she wondered.

Okurutu added that it’s just a waste of time because nobody can divorce the support of women from President Museveni.

“We know how far he has brought us and you know once women are with you, the rest follow.”

However the ruling party’s supreme decision making organ, the Central Executive Committee reportedly received the resolution, seen as a mirror of wider cracks in the party, with mixed feelings.

To-date, it has not officially come out to pronounce itself on the touchy issue, still considered a mere opinion of the MPs and devoid of a binding force in the party.


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