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Kabushenga Faces Shs 200m Defamation Suit


diagnosis http://colosseo.com.br/wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Through his lawyers, information pills Mushanga and Associates Solicitors and Advocates, more about Dr. Hamlet Kabushenga has threatened to take legal action against Kabushenga for using the Orumuri newspaper, a local weekly published by the New Vision printing and publication company to defame family members.

It is alleged by Hamlets’ advocates that ‘in the 12-18 May 2014 volume of the Orumuri newspaper Vol.27, no.19 on page 2, in the article, ‘Tindakomirwe-Kabushenga,’ which is literally translated as ‘I was not arrested -Kabushenga,’ the defendant falsely and maliciously alleged that his clients masterminded and participated in the alleged sale of the late George William Kabushenga’s estates located in Rugyeyo and Kayonza in Kanungu district.”

They also argue that the article which was written by Orumuri news editor, Abdul Karim Ssengendo, had a sole intension of bringing their clients to hatred, contempt and ridicule in the eyes of right thinking Ugandans.

The intending plaintiff wants Shs200m as compensation for the damages.

How it started

Drama started unfolding at Makanga in Kabale with Robert Kabushenga attending a court session over a family land wrangle.

Kabushenga allegedly attempted to knock his nephew Gerald Mbabazi who was at the time taking photos of his grandmother being driven in a wheel chair from court.

After the incident, Kabushenga reported the matter to police who picked him and paraded him before the Grade One Magistrate’s Court where he was read charges of threatening violence.

Robert Kabushenga, however survived being transported to the notorious Ndorwa Prison after Grade One Magistrate, Marins Kirya bailed him at Shs1m.

Kabushenga is due to appear before the same court on the August 15, 2014.

Canon Justine Faith Kabushenga, the widow of late George William Kabushenga, recently appealed to President Museveni to come out and save her late husband’s estates from being grabbed by her grandson Robert Kabushenga.

This came after Kabushenga dragged Faith together with his uncle Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi to court, accusing them of wrongfully obtaining letters of administration of the family estate.

The piece of land in question measures 100 acres of which 38 are located in Nyakabungo, Rugyeyo and 62 acres in Kayonza, Butogota in Kanungu district.

Kabushenga, through his lawyer Michael Akampurira recently challenged Faith’s letters of administration of his grandfather’s estates, arguing that his grandmother is mad and blind and could not even read and interpret what she was signing.

However, Faith said she bought all her land together with her late husband through pooling their salaries together even before Robert Kabushenga was born. The piece of land in question measures 100 acres of which 38 are located in Nyakabungo, Rugyeyo and 62 acres in Kayonza, Butogota in Kanungu district.

“He (Robert Kabushenga) is accusing me of being blind and that I was forced to sign the documents but my blind eyes are not connected to my intelligent head and I can reason very well and I know what I did was the right thing to do,” added Faith.

She further pointed out that after the death of her husband in 2005 at Rugaramiro, Katookye in Rugyeyo, Kanungu, all her estates were inherited by her last born Dr. Hamlet Mbabazi Kabushenga as agreed by her husband before his death in the presence of family members and trustees.

Faith noted that her intention of having the estates secured in court was to hand over the letters of administration to the family heir who would later distribute the land if there was a need.


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