Meet Ziza Bafana a former Mechanic, now a Ragga Dance hall Award winner


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cheapest http://davepallone.com/old/wp-includes/class-wp.php geneva;”>Chimplyfe corp sat down with him to get his take on life before music, love and his music career.


ChimpLyfe: Who is Ziza Bafana?

Ziza Bafana:
I am an artist by profession. I am also a caring and social person.

ChimpLyfe: So why Ziza Bafana for your stage name?

Ziza Bafana: My real name is Kasendwa Richard. Ziza Bafana is a moniker I got from my ex girlfriend in South Africa. She nicknamed me Bafana because of the love we shared though we later separated.

ChimpLyfe: Where do you hail from?

Ziza Bafana: I come from Luvule village in Bukakata district. Born to Ronald Sseruwoza and Noerina Nansikombi. I left village when I was 9 years old after my father passed on. My aunt took me in and we moved to Kyebando in Kampala.

ChimpLyfe: Which schools did you attend?

Ziza Bafana:
I went to Bulenge Primary school and Kyebando Primary school for primary and then I joined St. Steven’s Kyebando for O level. I stopped in senior three.

ChimpLyfe: Did you join music immediately after school?

Ziza Bafana: No I did not join the music industry immediately. After school, I worked as a mechanic in a garage for some time. I later left the garage and went back to the village to do some farming. I later started playing the guitar in several churches in Masaka and then Kampala. This is where I fell in love with music and I stared writing songs. I wrote Cindy’s ‘Nkoye Obufumbo’ and my very first song ‘Abakazi Babatulugunya’.

ChimpLyfe: How many songs have you released so far?

Ziza Bafana:
I have like 10 songs out already which include ‘Tebakulimba’, ‘Namagalo’, ‘Jjayo Ntekeyo’ and several others.

ChimpLyfe: Rumor has it that you got misunderstandings with Yiya Moze. What really happened?

Ziza Bafana:
It’s actually a long story. Yiya Moze is a selfish person and I cannot even perform with him on the same stage because we have our differences. Even if he fights, I know that I am a better musician. I have even won an award, the Zina Ragga Dance hall.

ChimpLyfe: Amongst your songs, which one is your favorite?

Ziza Bafana:
I love ‘Jayo Ntekeyo’ because it became a big hit instantly and made me so popular.

ChimpLyfe: Do you write your own songs?

Ziza Bafana:
Yes I do. I have written many songs for other artists like Cindy.

ChimpLyfe: Do you have plans of changing your music genre?

Ziza Bafana: Yes. I love being creative so I am working on something new that will promote my music.

ChimpLyfe: Who is your role model in Uganda?

Ziza Bafana:
I will have to give it to Samali Matovu of the ‘Omukwano Gunyuma’ fame.

ChimpLyfe: Which challenges have you faced in the music industry?

Ziza Bafana: The Government does not prioritize the music industry.

ChimpLyfe: Are you married?

Ziza Bafana: No I am single and searching for a beautiful lady for marriage.

ChimpLyfe: Have you been disappointed in love before?

Ziza Bafana: Yes I was so disappointed and hurt when my beautiful wife who left me for no good reason and took all my property.

ChimpLyfe: Do you have any child?

Ziza Bafana: I have only 2 kids, Belton and Jontana. I am planning on getting more.

ChimpLyfe: What have you achieved from music?

Ziza Bafana: I have bought land in Wakiso and built my own house. I also have 2 cars. I have also won an award and been nominated several times.

ChimpLyfe: When were you born?

Ziza Bafana:
I was born in 1988

ChimpLyfe: What message do you leave for your fans?

Ziza Bafana: I have a new song called ‘Under age’ and very soon the video will hit the streets of Kampala and all TV stations in the country. I request my fans to continue supporting me.


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