Mumbere Attacks Museveni

Charles Wesley Mumbere

seek geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>“The granting of kingdoms created out of the greater monarchies has caused tribal clashes and affected development, ampoule ” said Mumbere.

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Rwenzururu and Obudhingiya Bwa Bamba kingdoms were created out of Tooro kingdom.

King Mumbere spoke Saturday at Mitandi SDA Church, Kabarole district, South Western Uganda Field.

The king was visiting Mitandi Primary School and his subjects living on the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori in Tooro Kingdom.

Mumbere said the creation of more kingdoms by the president has caused tribal conflicts thus breeding deterioration in cultural norms and values.

“When cultures start fighting each other, people live in panic, abandon work hence affecting social and economic development. I request president Museveni to immediately halt the creation and granting of more kingdoms because he has caused more harm than development”.

This is the latest blunt attack on Museveni by a cultural leader.

Fighting has been raging on in the past few weeks between Bakonjo and Bamba.

Speaking at the coronation ceremony of the Bamba leader recently, Museveni warned cultural leaders against rivalry.

“In the case of the Rwenzori region and Busoga, I appeal to you to stop the unnecessary rivalries among the cultural heads. You should always work out a win-win solution for the diverse communities in the respective regions,” said Museveni.

“No community is subservient to the other. Every community, big or small, was put here by God and must be respected. Anybody who cannot see this is in the wrong place.

In conclusion, I strongly advise the cultural institutions to be in the lead for equitable integration in Uganda Land and Africa. None of them should emphasize parochialism at the expense of patriotism and Pan-Africanism. The Government will give them more support when the resources are available.”

Mumbere spits fire

Addressing his subjects Mumbere further asked the minister of Local government Hon. Adolf Mwesige to deliver his message to the president.

The king also asked government to recognise the Bakonzo, offer them bigger jobs in government bodies and ministries and also promote them for their kingdom to achieve development.

Mumbere commended the Kabarole district leaders including Richard Rwabuhinga and MP Victoria Businge Rusoke for their cooperation with other cultural leaders and hard work, saying this fosters development.

He urged his subjects in Tooro kingdom to prioritize education of their children and participate in income generating projects to increase household income.

Museveni recently promised to meet the three kings of Rwenzururu, Tooro and Obudhingiya to lay out strategies of closer cooperation to foster development in their kingdoms.


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