'Bickering, Political Tensions Hurting kenya's Growth'


capsule sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Saying Jubilee Government is the first to serve under the Kenya’s new constitutional dispensation, President Kenyatta said he is focused on transforming the country and improving the lives of citizens through implementation development programmes as outlined in the coalition’s manifesto.

President Kenyatta spoke Saturday in Meru County during the wedding ceremony of Carol Nkirote and Buuri legislator Bonface Kinoti Gatobu – the youngest Member of Parliament in the country.

The President called on Kenyans to work together to overcome the challenges the country was facing instead of constantly trading blames.

“I am sure when we – as leaders – join hands, we will be able to develop our country and create jobs for our people,” President Kenyatta said.

He emphasized that there was no point for leaders to continuously put the country on an electioneering mode while Kenyans continue to suffer.

“Every day we waste time bickering instead of serving the electorate. We were given a job to do and that will not be possible if all we do is shout at each other,” the President said.

He said the Jubilee Government was given the mandate to serve Kenyans for five years and intends to its best so that it will be judged based on its performance at the end of that period. The President said the Government has already embarked on fulfilling its pledges and there is no looking back.

“The Standard Gauge Railway project has already began, disbursement of Uwezo funds to the youth to start businesses is ongoing and we have many more programmes to implement hence for us in Jubilee, there is no time to waste on counter-productive politics,” President Kenyatta said.

On the banning of khat (miraa) in some European countries, the President said that the Government will use all available avenues to address the issue.

He affirmed his commitment in working with county governments to ensure citizens get quality services.

At the wedding, President Kenyatta and leaders presented gave cash as their wedding gifts towards the setting up of Upendo Children’s Home – a project that is spearheaded by the groom.

Senate Majority leader Prof. Kithure Kindiki and his counterparty in the National Assembly Adan Duale queried the motive of CORD leaders on calling for national dialogue saying, the country has legal avenues and institutions which deal with various issues.

They said that the Jubilee Government has spent one year in office laying down the foundation for implementing its programmes, adding that it was unreasonable for CORD to start passing judgement.

Quoting sections of the Constitution, Mr. Duale said the Kenyan supreme law is clear on the issue of governance and that there was no need for CORD to continue calling for national dialogue.

“Article one says, the people of Kenya will exercise their sovereignty through three pillars of Governance: the Executive, the National Parliament and the Judiciary. There is no where it talks of national dialogue,” he said.

He said issues concerning constitutional offices like the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) can only be presented to Parliament which has the power to resolve.

Local leaders, led by Governor Peter Munya, said they will continue supporting and working with President Kenyatta to ensure the Jubilee Government delivers the pledges it made to Kenyans.


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