Onyango: Returning to Sundown Breaks My Heart


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Onyango who was on guard for Cranes last Saturday as the Uganda national team played Madagascar, revealed the desire to play for a team where he can fully exploit and polish his skills.

ChimpSport (CS) caught up with Onyango (DO).


CS: How do you feel about joining Sundown?

DO: It is not fine, but since I have a contract there I must go back. The coach told me to go back and compete for first team football with Zambia’s Kennedy Mwene but I think I should be playing for a team where I am the first choice. And indeed I also asked the coach before rejoining for more playing time.

CS: But even at Bidvest you haven’t been a starter…

DO: Yes; the club had a home boy who they didn’t want to annoy because they knew I was going back to Sundown.

CS: Back on national team, how ready are you for Equatorial Guinea game next month?

DO: The fact is I am yet to be summoned for the team so I think preps will begin with being summoned.

CS: What should the responsible authorities do ahead of the Equatorial Guinea game?

DO: As we were preparing for Guinea Bissau two campaigns back, we had a camp in Senegal and it was fruitful so I think such should happen again.

Another thing, many players are in off season including those local-based. So I think the federation should prepare friendly games earlier.

CS: Why do you think Uganda hasn’t been qualifying the past campaigns you have been involved in?

DO: The team has been good in the first place and we have tried but there are some few things we must work on to progress this time and we shall work on them.

Late coming in camp has been one of the factors that have cost Uganda qualification capability. Other issues like when David Obua was sent away from camp ahead of Kenya game in 2011 also made us fail to qualify.

CS: Why is discipline so poor among players?

DO: It’s because of poor emotional control and with this, players end-up behaving like that. Players’ discipline reflects the way they were groomed, so grooming of players also determines the discipline a lot.

CS: How come some players retire from football with nothing, even though they earn during their career time?

DO: Poor planning brings that. Some players disregard the fact that their careers come to an end hence extravagantly use the money they earn. People next to those players also make them at times to spend a lot; they don’t advise them on how to invest that money.

CS: Which four backs that you have ever played with are you most happy with?

DO: Hahaha….Godfrey Walusimbi, Ibrahim Ssekajja, Andrew Mwesigwa and Simon Masaba. These, we even used to share jokes especially Waza (Godfrey Walusimbi).

CS: Lastly, why did you receive the ball with hands outside the box during the Madagascar game even when you were aware that the referee automatically had to penalize you?

DO: I didn’t receive it, I only got out of box with it and even as a senior player I am human and can make a mistake.


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