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4 Held over Human Trafficking


cialis 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>According to the commissioner in charge of human trafficking, advice Moses Binoga, more about the suspects including Julius Mugisha, Ruth Kayaga, Joseph Wamala and Ben Mayanja were apprehended after illegally sending persons to Middle East countries including Abu Dhabi for work.

“The suspects solicited shs1m from each of the victims and through the internet, were able to take them to Abu Dhabi where they started working illegally,” Binoga explained.

“After a few months, the victims got tired of being tortured, overworked and sexually harassed before requesting to be brought back to Uganda but their bosses refused to do so.”

According to the officer in charge of human trafficking, the victims’ relatives tried to contact the suspects’ company which had brokered the deal for the job but they turned a deaf ear leaving them (relatives) with no choice but to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

According to Binoga, many unsuspecting Ugandans are being duped via the internet about availability of better paying jobs in the Middle East after which they are lured and dumped in those countries where they are sexually abused and over worked .

“One of the victims explained to us how she was recruited in October last year but by February this year she was fed up after being forced to work when sick yet she had not got any medication. Her efforts to come back were frustrated and hence she lived in misery,” Binoga explained.

The official said after being approached by officials from the Gender ministry in Uganda, they collaborated with the Ugandan embassy that helped the victim to be released and returned to Uganda.

Binoga further cautioned Ugandans on using the internet to get jobs abroad, saying these are one of avenues that facilitate slavery.

“Many of those countries don’t have laws against labour harassment and it’s therefore normal for employers to treat workers the way they want,” he explained, adding, perpetuators of such abuse of rights can’t easily be apprehended due to lack of such laws.

Binoga, however, urged all people looking for jobs in outside countries to get information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Gender.

There are only 30 companies registered to recruit workers from Uganda to outside countries.

“We are carrying out investigations on Ham property services and Management Company located in Bukesa near Mengo run by the suspects that used to traffic people to Middle East without a license.”


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