Kagame: We'll Not Take Lessons on Fighting Dissidents


viagra geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Kagame made the remarks Friday while presiding over the graduation of the second intake of the Senior Command and Staff course at the Rwanda Defence Force Command and Staff College based in Nyakinama, unhealthy Musanze District.

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Those who graduated also included senior officers from member states of the East African Community. President Kagame conferred to the graduands the Past Staff of the College (PSC) symbol.

In his address, President Kagame said it was good that those graduating included officers from partner states from the East African community because the destinies of the member states are closely linked:

“The knowledge and training you have acquired, prepares you to take up more challenging leadership responsibilities, for the defence of our nation and promotion of security in our region,” said Kagame.

“Security threats recognise no borders, which is why we need more cooperation, not less. We have learned the hard way that security cannot be outsourced. We must take the lead, in partnership with our neighbours and allies.”

President Kagame called the attention of the officers to the attacks that were carried out late last year and early this year in Musanze by genocidaire remnants and said as senior officers they must recognise and resist this threat, and teach the soldiers under their command how to do so as well.

“Our institutions responded to these terrorist attacks as law and duty compels them to, with thorough investigations and decisive action. As a result, many lives have been saved. Rwanda will deal with such threats in the same way, every time. That is our obligation to the citizens of this country, who entrust us with their security.”

Global terrorism

President Kagame pointed out that the attacks are carried out by a global network, which political opportunists have latched on to, and it continues to plan and carry out attacks on Rwanda.

The President is thought to have been referring to the FDLR.

Recently, police arrested several suspected collaborators of the genocidal militia on charges of subversion.

The arrests sparked off international condemnation, which Kagame believes emboldens the perpetrators of grenade attacks and also legitimises the terrorist activities.

Addressing more than 600 Northern Province opinion leaders at the Senior Military College, Nyakinama on Thursday, Kagame warned: “I am your leader but one of you and your choices will affect me too. The few leaders from this province who betrayed their people’s trust are making bad choices. What kind of politics aims at destroying property, kills children and women and innocent people?”

Kagame arriving at the defence college on Friday

President Kagame said those people still bent on committing atrocities and distabilising the nation are abusing the goodwill of the Rwandan people who have sacrificed a lot to rebuild the country.

“We abolished the death penalty and did numerous other things in order to reconcile our people, for the sake of creating a unified country so that we can forge ahead. But some people don’t appreciate this out of extremism and want to take us back.”

The President also challenged Rwandans to take a firm stand on matters affecting their country so that they can make choices aimed at building the country.

“You have either made a good choice or a bad one; there should be no standing on the fence. Those who have made good choices declare war against those who want to destroy what has been achieved.”

Kagame said there will be no compromise on security, and Rwandans will not heed any advice from those who think those intent on distabilising the country should be tolerated.

“We may not have the capacity to go and fight our enemies from thousands of kilometers away, but we have more than enough capabilities to protect our country and we will execute it with high efficiency.”

The army band in action

Addressing military chiefs on Friday, Kagame said, “Some people prefer to associate their activities with legitimate political objectives and they cannot be more wrong, and we will prove that whoever is associated with is wrong.”

He further emphasised that Rwandans know who they are and what they represent and “these people have no legitimacy or support whatsoever and they will not. It doesn’t matter that some try to cleanse them and turn them into legitimate people with grievances.”

President Kagame insisted that Rwandans will take care of their national security interests and they will not need lessons from elsewhere about how to take care of their national security interests.


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