State of the Nation: Opposition told to Wait for 2016


viagra http://comotenerunabuenaereccion.com/wp-includes/feed-rss2.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, told journalists at the Uganda Media Center on Friday morning that the enraged opposition had no option but to await their chance to prove their edge against president Museveni and the NRM government.

President Museveni accounted to Parliament and the nation at Kampala Serena Hotel last evening of how the country’s economy has continued to fair greatly at a pace of 5.7 percent growth and that it would soon hit the size of Sh63trillion.

He emphasized his resolve to revitalize the key sectors of agriculture, industry, services and ICT.

An array of leaders in the opposition, however despised the president’s Address, saying that it rarely touched the most important areas affecting the nation.

Opposition politicians, Hussein Kyanjo, Kassiano Wadri and Salaam Musumba among others told reporters that Museveni deliberately refused to point out the changes realized since the last State of the nation Address.

They also wondered why Museveni had refused to give an account on how the country’s security stands and the national army’s absence on foreign expedition.

Opondo in response said that yesterday’s address was by president Museveni and not the opposition.

“The president has no obligation to please the opposition. In any case whether he does or don’t, they will still bash him,” he said.

“He in fact acknowledged that the weaknesses in implementation of government programs and called upon leaders and stakeholders to take advantage of the prevailing situation to change.”

Opondo asked the disgruntled opposition to wait for 2016 for their chance to tell Ugandans that Museveni and the NRM government have not done much for the country.

“Once Ugandans are convinced and they vote them into power, then we’ll have no option but to hand them the keys,” he concluded.


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