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Pakistanis Rape Case Hits Snag

The Pakistanis suspected of having carnal knowledge against the order of nature in court

illness geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>According to Herbert Katabalwa, medicine who spoke on behalf the suspects’ lawyer, the defence needs to be availed with the police file and statements of the case before the hearing starts.

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He further submitted the accused “are yet to understand clearly the charges against them.”

Katabalwa also informed Chief Magistrate, Lilian Bukyana, the Pakistanis’ lead lawyer, Anita Tusimire is currently doing her exams thus pleading for more time for preparations.

However, the state opposed the adjournment, stressing that efforts to avail the defence with police statements and file have proved futile since they refused to visit the DPP’s office where the evidence against their clients is kept.

Bukyana warned the defence side against wasting court’s time by seeking endless adjournments.

“This will be the last postponement,” charged Bukyana, before setting July 16 as date for the next hearing.

In April, the Director of Public Prosecution dropped gang rape charges against Pakistan nationals Ahmeed Shahbz and Muhammad Wagaf, replacing them with domestic violence and having canal knowledge against order of nature.

The accused were later released on bail amid public uproar.

Prosecution alleges that between September and December 2012, Ahmed Shahbz, Muhammad Wagaf and others still at large while at Naguru where they worked for Yuasa Limited had unlawful carnal knowledge of Zainabu Mbabazi against the order of nature.

They are also alleged to have engaged in domestic violence against Mbabazi to which they committed acts of sexual abuse against her contrary to Section 4 (2) of the domestic violence Act.


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