South Sudan

Machar Rebels Threaten to Shoot Down SPLA Spy Planes


advice ailment sans-serif; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The warning followed the capture of a pilot whom rebels accused of being part of a wider plan to assassinate leaders of the rebel group.

“The Military Leadership takes this opportunity to strongly warn Plane Companies still in business with Kiir’s regime to desist from taking unauthorized chartered flights to all territories under our control since some of these dangerous ventures could be fatal,” warned Federal Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, Military Spokesperson for SPLA (Opposition).

He said the pilot of the plane, Philip Kipkoech Murgor is in their custody pending investigations.

Koang further said, “In the last two weeks, our intelligence operatives had been monitoring unusual and unauthorized movement of planes. Kiir’s Intelligence chartered plane with Reg. N0. 5Y SAV Tiger (Air Works K/LTD) Tourism and Travel had been impounded.”

However, pro-government army General, Gordon Buay told this website that “personally president Kiir does not believe in assassinating his opponents.”

Buay said most of political prisoners have been released and no politician has ever been assassinated in Juba since 2005 and that South Sudan has no political prisoners compared to other African countries.

“What is happening is that the government is secretly negotiating with Prophet Dak Kueth of Lou Nuer. The group of Riek Machar is very much worried about that because once Dak Kueth signs an agreement with the Government like David Yau Yau, then, the military threat to the government is over. Riek Machar relies on people like Dak Kueth to fight for him,” said Buay.

He further noted that government is also talking to “Dak Kueth, Peter Gatdet and Gabriel Tang individually so that they do what David Yau Yau did. Riek Machar sees that approach as a threat to his own political survival.”

Koang said “Kiir’s attempts to assassinate SPLA in Opposition top commander for Jonglei State Front, Maj.Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual and White Army’s Spiritual Leader David Dak Kueth had been successfully foiled by movement’s National Intelligence, Combat Intelligence and Military Intelligence operatives.”

He also disclosed that “the government sponsored assassin had been arrested, two pistols (Silencers) had been recovered,” adding, “The overall government’s plan is to eliminate top rebel political and military leadership.”

President Kiir recently said the army had been instructed to cease military operations against rebels and only respond when attacked.

Kiir stressed that a peace agreement with Machar and other stakeholders would facilitate an end to the crisis in South Sudan.

“When people participate, we will have permanent peace in South Sudan. The national unity government will bring all people together,” Kiir noted in May.


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