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Uganda Embarks on Ambitious Nuclear Energy Project


abortion http://davepallone.com/wp-admin/includes/screen.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>This was revealed by President Museveni in Thursday’s State of the Nation Address.

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story geneva;”>“Uranium, in the medium and long-term, could rescue us in the field of energy. We have a lot of it and nobody is touching it now on my orders,” said Museveni.

“Like we did for petroleum, we have sent out our scientists for more advance training in nuclear physics. They will form a nuclear energy unit in the Ministry of Energy,” added the President.

Nuclear power plants generate power less expensively than wind or solar power plants. Research further shows that nuclear power plants are safer than other power plants.

Museveni emphasized that Uganda does not have a lot of hydro-power even if one added all the sites that are not yet exploited: Kalagala, Isimba, Karuma, Ayago, Murchison falls, Kiba, Korianga, Agago, Muzizi; and over 40 small hydro-power sites.

“We shall have some more energy from the geo-thermal (may be 1,000 megawatts or there about). Yet a developed Uganda needs a lot energy ? 50,000 megawatts or more. Where shall we get this level of energy from? If the cost per unit for solar energy goes down, then the solar energy will be the solution. Meanwhile, I prepare the country for the option of the nuclear energy.”

This is not the first time Museveni is hinting on Uganda developing nuclear energy.

In 2012, while addressing Parliament, the President said oil revenue is meant for the building of transport infrastructure especially railways, irrigation schemes and scientific research, adding, “when the country starts getting oil revenue, Uganda must enrich uranium for nuclear energy.”

He swore no body at one time would ever export uranium as long as he was president of Uganda.

Nuclear Energy Launch

Chimpreports understands that in November 2013, Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi launched a country programme framework for nuclear energy which he said would help Uganda generate enough power.

He emphasized that nuclear power would only be used “for peaceful purposes.”

The nuclear energy project was signed last year between Uganda and International Atomic Energy Agency with Mbabazi saying it “matches nuclear technology to national priorities for sustainable development.”

In his speech today, Museveni said government is already under pressure to export a variety of minerals in unprocessed form.

“I will never accept these pressures. This is because even the traditional peasants in Uganda have enough economics in their heads to know that when you produce the mbiire (embidde – the bananas for brewing beer), you brew the beer yourself (tonto – Lwaagwa). You do not produce embiire, sell them to your neighbor, who, then, brews the beer and sells it to you,” said Museveni.

“Most of these minerals will be processed here and will also be mixed with other minerals so as to produce intermediate products, such as alloyed steel and, where the economics allows, final products.”


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