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'NAADS is a National Embarrassment'


information pills http://dcointl.com/wp-includes/class-wp-widget.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”> Museveni has for the last few months been warning NAADS to roll up its sleeves or face his wrath.

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buy more about geneva; font-size: small;”>In his State of the Nation address at Kampala Serena Hotel on Thursday, Museveni said NAADS even failed to assist peasants convert from subsistence farming to commercial farming.

“The peasants that have woken up to this need, have had the problem of planting materials and breeding materials. NAADS that has been given huge resources to do this, spends most of the Shs. 203 billion we give them each year on salaries and seminars,” Museveni charged.

Observers say as the country heads towards the 2016 elections, he will give his all to distance himself from the individual incompetence of public officials.

By informing people that the central government always releases money to uplift their standards of living only to be misused by public officials, Museveni is tactfully pleading his case before the electorate – that he has been playing his part in fostering economic transformation.

The President did not mention steps government would take against individuals who messed up NAADS in which billions of taxpayers’ money have been sunk.

Museveni disclosed that NAADS secretariat spends only Shs. 57 billion on buying materials for plantation and breeding and the rest on salaries and seminars.

“We are determined to totally restructure NAADS in the coming financial year. Many farmers have woken up. When they get planting and breeding materials, they look after them well, for the majority of cases.”

The President said in this financial year, although starting late, he experimented with the deployment of UPDF officers in the NRA’s former war zones in Luweero, Ruwenzori and other areas only to be surprised by the performance of soldiers.

“Using only a total of Shs9 bn in the two rainy seasons of the last 9 months, the commanders deployed in these areas, have distributed: 11 million seedlings of coffee; 2 million seedlings of tea; 464,137 seedlings of oranges and mangoes and 1,412 tonnes of maize and beans, etc.

If the soldiers can do this using so little money, why should NAADS and all those associated with it fail with these hundreds of billions?” Museveni wondered.

He added: “It is really embarrassing for all those involved. The good news is that the money is there and has been there. It is just a question of getting the right channels for this money to reach the peasant farmers.”

Apart from NAADS, Museveni expressed shock that despite sinking Shs16bn in micro-finance, there are no corresponding levels of economic transformation at the grassroots.

“There is also the money of the youth. Every year we provide Shs.32 billion for this. There is money for NUSAF. Every year we provide Shs.53 billions for this. There is PRDP. Every year we provide Shs. 73.9 billion for this. There is the restocking money. Every year we provide money for this. The problem is not shortage of money. It is the shortage of reliable agents for conveying this money to the people,” said Museveni.

“To show you the scale of this money, if we used only Shs. 100 billion of this money in one year, at a cost of Shs. 310 per coffee seedling including transport, we would plant 322 million new coffee trees of the clonal type ? far in excess of the 220 million old coffee trees. By just planting new coffee trees, even without expanding the acreage, using the 100 billion shillings which is less than 50 percent of what we give NAADS each year, with good crop husbandry, our annul coffee production would go from the present 4 million bags of 60 kgs each to, at least, more than 10 million bags. That would make Uganda second only to Brazil in the global coffee production.”


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