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Gov't Plans to Issue National Identity Cards in September


tadalafil http://clark-illustration.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php geneva;”>In an exclusive interview with Chimpreports on Thursday, the Deputy Spokesperson for the National I.D project, Paul Bukenya, said “whoever registered in the first segment can receive their national identity cards starting early September.”

Bukenya added: “On 28th May, we started off with the training of all staff members to work in the production of the National I.Ds and right now we are doing our final touches so that by September, the first batch of national identity cards is issued,” asserted Bukenya.

He observed that government has done “all its best to iron out all technical and managerial shortcomings that have been affecting the performance of the program so that we can have more people registered within the allocated time framework.”

The official said government has solved the problem of inadequate equipment through importing more camera batteries and other tools.

“We have also set up serious penalties for rude staff members.”

Bukenya remarked that the disabled people are being helped by their relatives in the registration exercise.

He further called upon the people on the islands and rural districts to maintain the good spirit they have exhibited in this process by turning up in large numbers.

Bukenya urged the public to be more “cooperative with the staff especially when their photos are being taken, abide by whatever they are requested to do because the cameras used are preset to only take standard photographs that can be used on an internationally recognized identity card.

I urge the general public to report any misbehaviour or lack of seriousness by the enrolment staff to the parish supervisors or any person from the authority for serious actions.”


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