Star Duncan Preps for Tanzania Puma rally


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>“Taking part in Busiika rally was intended to set myself for the Tanzania rally because I want to discover how exactly it feels like to drive in a rally away from home. Probably next year with that experience from Puma rally I may register for ARC, ” the Subaru N14 driver told ChimpSport on Wednesday.

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During the Busiika sprint rally last weekend, the first of its kind this year, Duncan preferred to go head to head with National Rally Championship (NRC) leader Ronald Ssebuguzi whom he thought was going to give him a bitter challenge.

However, it wasn’t the case for Duncan’s expectation as Ssebuguzi came 13th overall and Duncan finished twelve places ahead.

Ssebuguzi complained of a dusty track that left him to control the speed which cost him much time.

“I had to be conscious with that dust on the track, otherwise the whole Sunday sprint was tricky,” explains Ssebuguzi, who is currently leading the National rally championship.

Missing in the cockpit was 2013 National Rally Champion Jas Mangat who earlier registered for the sprint but was forced to withdraw from the competition as his new engine hadn’t been fixed yet.

Next on calendar will be the Martyr’s Challenge Rally that will be organized by Southern motor club early next month.

Sunday sprint results

1. Duncan Mubiru – 09:37.65

2. Jonas Kansiime – 09:49.33

3. Shafik Semujju – 09:49.35

4. Omar Mayanja – 09:49.44

5. Susan Muwonge – 09:51.03

6. Peter Kakaire – 10:04.94

7. Nasser Mutebi – 10:27.88

8. Edson Mungyereza – 10:28.63

9. Wilbert Pole Pole – 10:40.96

10. Ismael Otega – 10:41.37

11. Leila Blick – 10:42.00

12. Muyanja Sabiiti – 10:47.11

13. Ronald Ssebuguzi – 10:57.78


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