EXCLUSIVE: URA Names Top 178 Tax Defaulters


side effects geneva; line-height: 150%; font-size: small;”>The total liability in unpaid taxes is Shs. 25.8billion.

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information pills geneva; font-size: small;”>According to URA’s Manager Debt Collection, Abudu Salaam Waiswa, these are taxpayers whose arrears have accumulated overtime but have remained defiant to settling their tax liability despite several reminders to pay up.

Accordingly, these have been granted up to seven days from the date of notice (Thursday) to clear their outstanding debts or face enforcement actions including but not limited to closure of their business premises, seizure of their property as well as personal property or face prosecution for not paying taxes.

The list also includes individuals who guaranteed their companies to pay their liabilities, but failed to honour their obligations as agreed in the Memoranda of Understanding which they signed with URA. Publishing the shame list is done where clients remain non-compliant despite several calls to clear their outstanding liability.

Some of shamed companies include Emerald Hotel Ltd which is yet to clear a tax obligation of shs 243,803,781.00.

Others include: Buckeye Industrial Enterprises (Shs190,604,557.00), Linksoft Communication Systems (U) Ltd of Anthony Wahome Githinji (Shs1,595,410,427.00), Keystone Construction (Shs475m), Rio Holding International Ltd (Shs 5,033,375,239.00), Taizhou Steel Industries Limited (Shs 482,095,399.00), Uganda Printing & Publishing Corporation (Shs 2,384,259,676.00) and Linda KA Ltd (Shs414m).

Other companies and individuals warned by URA are Lucky industries (Shs109m), Lwebuga Solomon (Shs86m), Thomas Makumbi (Shs167m), Marketing Information (Shs289m) , Francis Mugema (Shs101), Fred Muguluma (Shs377m), Muwaonga General (Shs678m).

The guarantors formally undertook to be held liable for their respective companies’ tax liabilities, and in accordance with the tax laws and the Contract Act, 2010, such persons are personally liable for the respective tax debts.

Failure to honour this responsibility implies that URA shall take enforcement action against them by closing the company business premises, attaching their assets, blocking the directors from travelling outside Uganda, as well as prosecute them for tax evasion.

Some of the guarantors issued to URA cheques that bounced while others had insufficient funds on presenting to the banks for payments. URA will undertake to attach their private assets, even if it means selling their homes.

The list also names 20 Ugandans who drive expensive cars, but without any history of payment of Income tax and as such, their incomes remain unknown to URA.

“We urge all tax payers to be compliant and to keep engaging with URA to avoid being embarrassed and inconvenienced in their businesses,” Abudu Salaam warns. He adds that whoever will not have settled their outstanding liabilities and or produce evidence of payment risks being enforcement action and or prosecution for tax defaulting in accordance with the relevant tax laws.

The Uganda Revenue Authority reminds the following tax payers and their respective guarantors to settle their outstanding tax liabilities and provide evidence of full payment thereof to the Debt Collection Unit, Located on 2nd Floor crested Towers within seven (7)days from the date of notice (to be published tomorrow June 06th, 2014)

Follow the link below to view the whole list of the shamed companies:


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