Rwanda, U.S Clash on FDLR Arrests


viagra 40mg geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>According to the U.S. State Department, buy Washington is “deeply concerned” by reports that Rwandan authorities held individuals incommunicado for periods up to two months before presenting them to a court of law.

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“We are encouraged that Rwandan authorities have recently taken steps to bring a number of these individuals before a court. Nonetheless, the United States remains concerned that additional individuals may still be held incommunicado and without due process of law,” said Marie Harf, Deputy Department spokesperson in a Thursday statement seen by Chimpreports.

“We are also concerned by credible reports that individual journalists were threatened, and that the Government of Rwanda ordered the suspension of a call-in radio program that provided citizens with a platform to discuss current events.”

However, in a rebuttal, government spokesperson, Louise Mushikiwabo today said, “In all instances, police and security agencies in Rwanda have acted lawfully.”

She added: “Accused individuals are entitled to, and receive, due process — suggestions otherwise, including claims of “disappearances”, are false.”

Rwanda National Police recently arrested several people in Musanze district near the border with DRC for reportedly colluding with FDLR to commit acts of terrorism.

A popular musician known as Kizito Mihigo and other suspected collaborators were also arrested in Kigali and charged with subversion and terrorism.

Mihigo confessed being part of a wider plan to overthrow President Kagame’s government before pleading for leniency.

Emboldening FDLR

Mushikiwabo today called on “all parties to refrain from discourse and actions that embolden the FDLR and its allies, and thereby endanger the lives of Rwandans,” adding, “Rwandan authorities, like in any other country, will act swiftly and decisively to address such threats. The people of Rwanda deserve no less.”

The United States said the Government of Rwanda should “account for individuals arrested over the past two months and currently in custody, and to respect the rights under Rwandan law and international human rights law of the individuals detained and arrested.

We also call upon Rwanda to fully respect freedom of expression, including for members of the press so that they can investigate, report, and facilitate discussion on issues of public concern.”

In a statement, government said it was “dealing with a specific security challenge in the North of the country where FDLR, an armed genocidal militia based in DRC, and their associates, have been recruiting and infiltrating.

A judicial process is underway triggered by recent FDLR attacks in Musanze, resulting in several casualties including the death of a police officer shot outside the Police School, and the death of an infant child of a local mayor at her home.”

Government also pointed to FDLR’s grenade attacks in crowded public places as another tactic that has caused death and suffering to innocent civilians.

“As discussed at a briefing for diplomats earlier this week, such acts are designed to terrorise the population and undermine the security that has enabled Rwanda to achieve significant progress over the past twenty years,” said Mushikiwabo.

The United States said it supports all lawful efforts to identify individuals who seek to use violence against the Rwandan people and government.


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