Magogo: IGG Can’t Arrest Me


web geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>In interview with ChimpReports (CR) this week, purchase Magogo (MM) says he explained to the IGG why the federation had to maintain a firm grip on the original documents of the sports body’s properties.

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CR: Has the federation assessed why the fans turn-up during the Madagascar game was that low?

MM: We are yet to do so but I think it was just due to an exaggeration of the match ticket price issue. Journalists who don’t even pay to watch the game went on to tell the public that prices were too high.

This left the majority of the national team lovers with no option other than not to attend the game but I thank all those who turned up for the game.

CR: But why did the federation ask for that much on a game like that of Madagascar?

MM: We had a lot of cost to cover including: URA, stadium, players’ allowances and many more.

CR: The Federation received money from Airtel as main sponsor. Did you eat that money? Why doesn’t the federation use that to cover some costs other than exploiting people?

MM: In the first place, I should be credited for bringing in much more money in the federation since I came in when the federation was earning 300m but now we earn 800m from the main sponsors. But money is not enough since the Uganda Cranes budget for this campaign alone is almost Shs4b. In all, I didn’t eat the money as it is being said.

CR: Why did the federation change the jersey?

MM: In 1978, Uganda had white and red jerseys, but do people remember that? The yellow jersey that people are fighting for was introduced recently in 2006 but before we had this red one. In other words, we changed the jersey to have a marketable brand.

CR: What is between you and the IGG?

MM: IGG wrote to the federation requesting for many things that belong to the federation so that he can go on with investigations. As a federation we responded. However, she again replied saying the content wasn’t enough to convince her on why we shouldn’t surrender the titles and car cards.

But in all, the IGG can’t investigate FUFA where the government doesn’t inject any public fund.

FIFA funds assets owned by FUFA in Uganda and so, there is no way how IGG can come up with an investigation on how that money was/is being used.

These issues the IGG wants to investigate are in the Constitutional Court so she can’t go on with her investigations before the court decides.

CR: What if the IGG finds you liable for prosecution?

MM: We are not above the law. However, if she is to investigate, she must go deep.

CR: By the way why did you come to agree with Kavuma Kabenge who is still serving a suspension of eleven years?

MM: We did that for the good of the game and it was one of the things that we talked about even when we met the education and sports minister so we have a memorandum of understanding with him.

CR: What have you done for the federation since you came into office?

MM: I recruited the PRO (Hussein Ahmed) who is more active than the one who was there before.

· We have acquired new cars that can be appreciated even by the public and we have managed to bring back our old vehicles on the road.

· We have increased on the income of the federation where by FUFA now generates 800m annually than Shs300m it used to earn from the main sponsors.

· We have a technical plan and some years to come, Uganda will have more than 200 coaches that can even coach the national team and we submitted that to FIFA.

CR: Why are you arrogant?

MM: I am not arrogant but the fact is I can only speak at the back of someone only what I can speak in front of that person.


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