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AMISOM Commences Police Force Human Rights Training

AMISOM forces were Sunday attacked by militants

approved geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The training is intended to build the capacity of the SPF to carry out trainings on Human Rights issues for their counterparts in performance of their duties and to fill the gaps in newly recovered areas.

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Dr. Benjamin Agordzo, AMISOM Police’s Training Coordinator said the training aims to enhance the sensitivity of the Somali Police to human rights, and to educate them about how to effectively execute their duties while at the same time upholding the rights of citizens.

“This training will help the beneficiaries to further train their counterparts in Mogadishu and especially in the recently liberated areas on matters pertaining to human rights, and the goal is to bring them to international standards,” Agordzo noted on Wednesday.

Agordzo noted that the training will emphasize the rights of women and children, as a very important group of people to protect in any society.

Present at opening of the training was the SPF Director of Training and Planning, General Garad C. Nuur, who expressed his sincere gratitude to AMISOM and the UN partners who made this training possible.

“As you know, Somalia is just recovering from many years of civil war and lawlessness, and such trainings are very important to build the capacity of our personnel to serve this country,” he said.

One of the beneficiaries of the five-day training, Lt. Col. Zakia Hussein, the SPF Director of Community Policing, said she is particularly looking forward to the module of Human Rights and Sharia Law, which she says is very well suited for Somalia.

Other modules the certificate-training course will cover include Protection of Internally Displaced Persons, Protection of Children in Armed Conflict, Human Rights in Police Search and Seizure, Human Rights in Pre-trial Detention, among others.

This training is part of other deliberate efforts by AMISOM to build the capacity of Somalia’s Public Service to achieve overall peace and stability.


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