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Gen Buay Breaks Silence on Gen James Hoth Attack


this case geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Chimpreports on Tuesday broke the news that Hoth, this a battle-hardened commander and strong ally of President Salva Kiir had been a victim of attacks by radical South Sudanese in Australia as he visited his family.

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“The Australian Nuer militants who came out to oppose his reception are few in number but have formed a network which could be seen as a threat to Australian government’s international obligation in curbing extremism and terrorism,” said Buay.

He also affirmed that hundreds of Nuer and South Sudanese went to the airport last week to receive Gen. James Hoth Mai.

“Women ululated and former SPLA fighters sang the songs of liberation struggle to receive a national figure, who saved the country from Riek Machar’s militant and violent tribalism that sparked war on December, 15, 2013,” said the former Spokesperson of the SSLM/A.

He added: “A group of Nuer militants who support Riek Machar was angered by the rock-star reception Gen. Hoth received in Melbourne. After witnessing the warm welcome accorded to the former SPLA Chief of Staff, a certain Nuer militant named Gatjung Choap, who is the leader of Nuer militants in Victoria, called an emergency meeting of Riek Machar’s supporters in Melbourne to counter the wave of support and admiration towards Gen. James Hoth. The arrival of James Hoth in Melbourne brought a spirit of unity and brotherhood among South Sudanese which didn’t exist before.”

Buay disclosed that although the Nuer militants led by Gatjung Choap are not yet designated as a terrorist group by the UN, it is advisable that the Australian government should keep an eye on them for raising funds on a monthly basis to fuel violence in South Sudan.

“Individuals like Gatluak Deng, Gatluak Puk, Chuol Puk, Chuol Deng Gai and Bill Jack travelled to rebel controlled areas few months back and delivered money to the rebels to carryout various crimes ranging from civilian killings to coldblooded murders of anybody suspected of rejecting their version of political events in South Sudan,” alleged Buay.

This website could not independently verify the claims.


“In Australian laws, any citizen or permanent resident of Australia who engages in promoting, aiding and abetting any form of violence or terrorism is subject to criminal prosecution. Therefore, the Australian government has an international obligation to observe UN Security Council Resolutions against such kind of acts being practiced by Nuer militants in Australia.”

Buay said Gatluak Puk and Tito Tut Pal are engaged in mobilizing Nuer youth in refugees’ camps in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda via telephones not only to join the rebellion of Riek Machar but also to practice terrorism.

“In Nuer culture, planting bombs and urban terrorism are not known. But the aforementioned two individuals have volunteered to educate Nuer youth to carryout urban terrorism,” he noted.

“The activities of these individuals should raise a concern in Australia because it signifies a mutation in the fighting in South Sudan which is reminiscent of the terrorism practiced by the youth of Palestine. The Police in Victoria should therefore exercise due diligence to monitor the activities of the aforementioned militants.

Individuals like Mun Khat, Changkuoth Deng, Moses Abraham Gatluak, Buom Chan and Kueth Golong Kueth are the fundraisers for the activities of the Nuer militants in South Sudan. When they raise funds from the community through deceptions, they hand over the money to Gatluak Deng, Gatluak Puk, Chuol Puk, Chuol Deng Gai and Bill Jack to deliver them to the rebels and Nuer youth in South Sudan to carryout violence and maiming of innocent souls.

Therefore, the Australian government should take steps in dealing with terrorism, violent extremism and radicalization among the Nuer community in Victoria. Nuer violent extremists and terrorists hold a set of beliefs about martyrdom.”


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