Namugongo Trip: Tales of Resilience and Unshakeable Spiritual Strength


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Big crowds of the believers from neighboring countries including Rwanda, viagra Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi and others from within Uganda had by the wee hours of Tuesday started joining queues ready to pay a visit to the martyrs shrine.

“By 6am I was already here but not until 10:30am that I managed to reach the main entrance to the shrine and in fact all along I was hopeful I would find my way in and get blessings from the martyrs,” explained 60 year old Eridadi Mukasa from Buikwe district.

Security at the venue was beefed up with JAT, counter terrorism, Field force police and military police and Special Forces Command manning up the place as they controlled the huge crowds that had come in to strengthen their belief.

However, there were some cases of collapse and fainting caused by a stampede as believers tried to force their way into the martyrs shrine only to be saved by the Red Cross team and Scouts who were available to provide first aid and by the time the mass service ended, many others were still trying to reach the shrine.

Believers speak out

This was my first time here and I feel blessed and healed after spending more than 5 days on the way in a bid to strengthen my faith in the martyrs. This is a life time experience I will live to tell my grand children,” explained the joyous Harriet Nakidde who was part of a 1000 team of believers who trekked from Kindu Parish in Masaka district.

According to Br. Joachim Bigirwa from Tanzania, the martyrs day celebrations is a life moving experience to believers as they reflect on the life of the martyrs.

“It bolsters my faith when I see thousands of believers gather and celebrate the life of only 22 people and I wish everybody emulated the life of the martyrs in their daily life,” Bigirwa noted.

He, however, warned that being a martyr is a gift explaining that only a few staunch believers become martyrs.

Bigirwa further called upon believers to always uphold the values as was done by the 22 men who were killed for their faith.

“I started coming to this place in 1968 and I don’t regret having made the decision because i have achieved a lot from visiting the martyrs shrine ranging from children and other property which I don’t think I would have got if it had not been the blessings from the martyrs,” added 60-year-old Edward Kiwanuka who walked from Ssembabule district.

This year’s celebrations of the annual events were held under the theme; “Uganda martyrs, an example of true Christian witness and good citizenship.”

Among other dignitaries who graced the function included President Yoweri Museveni, Edward Ssekandi and Amama Mbabazi.

Then Kabaka of Buganda Mwanga exterminated believers for defying his orders when they joined Christianity.


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