Opposition Hails Uganda Martyrs' Sacrifice, Selflessness


for sale http://ccalliance.org/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/upgrade-functions/upgrade-2.6.2.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>At a joint press conference held Monday at FDC headquarters in Najjanankumbi, the various opposition parties saluted the pilgrims who gathered for the sacred remembrance.

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They urged Ugandans to always borrow the example of the sacrifice made by the slain martyrs in service and protection of their country.

“We pray that the testimony and example of our martyrs might rekindle in our land the spirit of coming together as a people, in solidarity, humility, in moral soul-searching and commitment to the cause larger than ourselves,” noted UPC’s Olara Otunnu.

JEEMA president Asuman Basalirwa said president Museveni in particular had a number of lessons to pick from the martyrs’ courageous deeds.

“The most important lesson that our leaders and particularly president Yoweri Museveni need to pick and reflect on during these celebrations is the spirit of selflessness and sacrificing all for the good of the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, the opposition at the conference also announced their rekindled partnership with religious leaders to bring about change to the nation.

Last week, the parties held a meeting with leaders from the Interreligious Council of Uganda to this effect.

“We long to see our religious leaders engage in defense of the people of God on the side of dignity morality and justice,” added Otunnu.

“This is why we have urged them to raise their prophetic voice and bear unambiguous witness at this time of grave moral crisis in our land.”

He revealed that last week’s meeting would be the beginning of the dialogue with the men of God and which is expected to last longer.


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