South Sudan

Ex SPLA Chief of Staff, Gen James Hoth, Attacked


viagra sale geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>In the wee hours of Tuesday, Hoth had been put under special protection of Victoria Police in a bid to save his life.

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In December last year, the battle-hardened commander led heavy military operations against Riek Machar’s rebels, effectively thwarting attempts to topple the Juba government.

Despite being a Neur, Gen Hoth worked closely with Kiir from the Dinka ethnic group and the Uganda army officials to draw a masterplan for defeating Machar’s rebel movement.

He was the overall commander of SPLA forces until he was relieved of his duties in April.

It remains unclear why Kiir sacked his closest military ally but insiders say the President succumbed to western pressure amid accusations of human rights abuses as a section of Tiger Battalion battled Machar’s militants in Juba.

According to Victoria Police, Hoth was “attacked” by his countrymen as he visited his family in Australia.


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