South Sudan

Japan to Disburse $17m to Rebuild Lives in South Sudan


try geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The pledge amounting up to $17 million was announced by Mr. Akio Shirota, page Ambassador of Japan to Norway at the Conference in Oslo for the deteriorated humanitarian situation since mid-December 2013 in South Sudan.

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“Peace is imperative so that aid agencies could reach people in need. We highly welcome the ceasefire agreement on 9 May and commitments made by the Government of South Sudan at Oslo Conference for ensuring unhindered humanitarian access,” said Akamatsu.

“We urge the government of South Sudan to prioritize delivery of social service to people in need. This is very crucial moment for humanitarian response, especially for food security in South Sudan.”

This contribution will help Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) of South Sudan as well as South Sudanese refugees outside the country who have been forced to leave their home since the conflict erupted last December.

In order to save their lives and address their basic human needs, Japan provided assistance such as food, health and water and sanitation through International Organizations and Japanese NGOs (detailed below).

Japan’s humanitarian assistance to South Sudan since last December now totals $42 million.

According to officials, all the assistance announced by Japan will have been disbursed shortly and implemented in a timely manner in accordance with South Sudan Crisis Response Plan (CRP) issued by Humanitarian Country Team (HCT).

The news comes at a time when South Sudan is grappling with fears of famine and a breakout of cholera in refugee camps.

War broke out in December last year, with President Salva Kiir accusing Riek Machar of attempting to overthrow him in a coup.


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