Mao Blasts Museveni Over Luweero Poll


view http://certifiedinspectorsgroup.com/wp-includes/pluggable-deprecated.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>DP Party president Norbert Mao has hit back at president Museveni, this web http://cigc.unimap.edu.my/components/com_k2/templates/register.php describing his remarks on theprice geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 19px;”> poll swept by Brenda Nabukenya as “laughable, extremely ridiculous and unworthy of a president’s response.”

After his party’s unsuccessful attempt to displace Nabukenya with Rebecca Nalwanga, Museveni grabbed his pad and penned a furious dossier accusing DP and the opposition of cheating the poll, by taking advantage of the laxity in the NRM camp.

“It is bad for the opposition to cheat but it is also bad for the NRM to be lax and disorganized,” argued Museveni.

He claimed that opposition with support from EC officials had foiled NRM’s efforts to document everybody that turned up for the voting.

“NRM agents would have their own exercise books and record by name the people that would come to vote so that we would be able to compare with the final totaling. We did it in a few constituencies and it worked well. However, in Luweero, I was told by Dr. Mushemeza that the Electoral Commission stopped it. Why? Yet I have reported to the Police and the Electoral Commission all the cheating we have unearthed.”

Responding to Museveni’s claim, Mao stated that such an exercise was unheard of in any electoral process.

“It is true, we complained to the EC and they agreed with us that that was unacceptable. There was no way we are going to let the NRM go writing names and telephone numbers of people queuing up to vote,” he told press in Najjanankumbi yesterday.

Mao argued that the NRM agents had a couple of options to keep an eye on the voters turn up.

“Every candidate got a copy of the voters’ register at each station, and polling agents sit close enough to the presiding officer who keeps reading out the names of the voters. They could have crosschecked that way,” explained Mao.

He told off the president that his party had themselves to blame for the loss.

“On our part as opposition, we worked hard in the campaign, and most of all, we pulled our meager resources together to mount a strong campaign.”

He went on, “while we spread the message of home, Museveni spread a message of fear. He referred to me as Obote, and accused me of supporting Kony. The NRM camp on the other hand was fragmented; they quarreled until the votes were counted.”

At yesterday’s joint press conference, opposition political parties described the Luweero triumph as “a good moment for all of us.”


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