Mushega: Museveni Wanted To Retire At 55


order http://ccalliance.org/blog/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/class.jetpack-modules-list-table.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>”There is nothing much to look forward to, price about what the president is going to say on Thursday; I think the greatest thing I would want to hear from him is telling us when he’s going read his last State of the Nation Address, erectile ” the former bush war comrade told Chimpreports this morning.

“That I think it would be the biggest prize to give to his old friends like me, and I believe that many of us here and my friends in the NRM would give him a big applause.”

The Retired Colonel, now 67 years, highlighted a number of unfulfilled pledges made by president Museveni and blamed him for trying to champion democracy and constitutionalism when he believes he none.

“When I was in cabinet, Museveni said that Africa’s biggest problem was people who overstay in power. At one time he wanted to go and graze his cattle once he clocked 55,” recalled Mushega, who fought with Museveni in the liberation war that toppled the military junta of the Okellos in 1986.

Members of civil society organizations, however, said the president has a number of critical areas to focus on in the Thursday address.

Uganda Women’s Network coordinator Mrs Sheila Kawamala demanded that the president addresses himself to the accomplishments that the NRM government has seen in the past year in the areas of healthcare, education, infrastructural development, education among others.

“We also want to know about the state of the country’s security because we keep hearing of high level terror alerts,” she added.

Former Kampala Bishop Zac Niringiye demanded that Museveni reports to the nation about the thieves and plunderers of national resources and what action has been taken against them in the last financial year.

“While the country is paying Sh 4000 per year to each primary school student, and blowing 660million per day on servicing the president, we would like him to account for that money.”


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