‘Tujanjawaze’ Hit Star Breaks Silence on Rise to Fame


symptoms http://conocity.eu/wp-includes/class-smtp.php geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Partiers usually shake their booties vigorously each time the disc spinners roll out the infectious song.

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order geneva;”>Stabua Natoro is the brilliant young woman behind the song.

ChimpLyfe caught up with Natoro during the weekend.


Chimplyfe: Who is Stabua Natoro?

Natoro: I am simply a Ugandan artiste, a Muslim and a successful business lady born in Rakai district to Swaibu Mutagubya and Aidah Namugerwa.

Chimplyfe: Which schools did you attend?

Natoro: I attended Kifamba Primary School from where I joined Kifamba Secondary school before dropping out of school in senior two due to financial hardships.

Chimplyfe: So how did you join the music industry?

Natoro: l started singing right from my childhood. Despite facing stiff resistance from my parents, I joined a music group that was booming in the village from where I relocated to Kampala courtesy of support from Brig Elly Kayanja.

Brig. Kayanja was in our village to attend local misc performances when he spotted my talent. He offered to facilitate my trip to Kampala where he paid for the recording of my songs.

This enabled me to record my first songs which included ‘Sente bwe bulamu’ and ‘Abazade’, ‘Twekunde” at GL Studio.

Chimplyfe: How many albums do you have?

Natoro: Currently, I have 18 albums which among others include; ‘Bajakakasa’ and ‘Tujanjawaze’.

Chimplyfe: Among your songs, which is your favourite?

Natoro: I love ‘Bajakakasa’ because this song blew the cover off my talent and paved way for my ascendance to the national entertainment stage.

Chimplyfe: Who writes your songs?

Natoro: I write my songs.

Chimplyfe: Have you ever been disappointed in life?

Natoro: I can’t forget those days when I was still a curtain raiser. One day, I was invited to perform at a certain concert only to be stopped by some people who did not understand that my music was nice. My emotional explanations fell on deaf ears.

On top of that disappointment, i lost my cell phone to thugs as i returned home. It was a very painful experience.

Chimplyfe: Do you have hopes of changing your style of music?

Natoro: No, am contented with this style of music. I do believe people love and enjoy me this way.

Chimplyfe: Who is your role model?

Natoro: The late Kezia Nambi still rocks my heart; she inspired me into exploring my talent; her song, ‘Lwakigambo kyalulimi’ is my best song ever.

Chimplyfe: Are you married?

Natoro: No, and am not searching!!!

Chimplyfe: So do you have any child?

Natoro: Yes, I am a mother.

Chimplyfe: What have you so far achieved in music?

Natoro: In a short while, I have managed to get more friends that I can rely on. I have bought some properties which include a car which is everyone’s dream.

Chimplyfe: In which year were you born?

Natoro: That’s my secret.

Chimplyfe: What’s your preferred dressing code?

Natoro: I love putting on a Muslim Sharia dress.

Chimplyfe: Where do you do your shopping?

Natoro: I shop from anywhere.

Chimplyfe: Anything new for your fans?

Natoro: I have prepared the best for my fans, a hit that I believe they will enjoy; which is ‘Wekeje’


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