Opinion: FUFA Should Not Give Land Titles to IGG


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search geneva;”>The events leading to the game were totally uncalled for and a perfect recipe for failure. But in usual Uganda Cranes style, the players rejected the sinister motives of the saboteurs of Ugandan football and concentrated on the bigger picture.

It was a big slap in the face to the men and women of this Country who have made it a habit to stab our national team in the back every time they have a must win game.

Special Thanks go to the President of FUFA Eng Moses Magogo. He completely ignored the distractions of the day and concentrated his efforts on the strategic vision. That’s what great leaders are made of!

He would have easily gotten distracted but he remained focus on the game. He said the issues being raised were not new and therefore didn’t warrant his urgent attention now when the national team has a do or die qualifier. Kudos to you Eng Moses Magogo. It’s the reason why this Country needs you more than anything else.

I also make an appeal to the FUFA president not to hand over the original documents of FUFA but simply copies. Some of us do not trust the motives of some of the staff in the IGG office. What if these strategic documents find their way from IGG office into Muwema or Kabenge’s office? It would be game down!

This possibility is not speculative but real. No wonder one of the rebel commanders posted on his wall that the fight is nearly over. It would be the biggest betrayal to Ugandans if these documents were handed over.

If the IGG office could afford to write such a letter on the eve of the game, what assurances do we have that he/she has not been compromised by the rebel forces in Ugandan football to hand over the documents .

There have been arguments that the IGG has the mandate to follow up organizations that have received government funding. I disagree. Let’s look at the catholic Church for example, all hospitals receive medicines from National Medical stores and there is the Private not for profit fund (PNFP fund) given to hospitals like Rubaga, Nsambya, Lacor, Kisubi,Kitovu,Virika, Comboni etc.

Should the bishops (custodians) of these hospitals therefore hand over the titles of these hospitals to government (IGG) simply because they receive funding from Government.

Secondly as a government department, being in possession of FUFA properties is an outright action of government interference which calls for a FIFA Ban. But the IGG office might not be aware of the repercussions of their actions. One can clearly see they are acting on the explicit instructions of some people who want them to commit costly mistakes.

This same group had successfully convinced the Minister of Education and Sports last year to take the same route but FIFA warned her of the repercussions of her actions and she withdrew her plans.

Should the IGG take over the properties of FUFA, Uganda can forget about the next stage of qualification to the Afcon 2015. This is because FIFA will within seconds ban us from participating again in any other competition organized under association football.

This is a deliberate consequence that the rebel forces in Ugandan football are pursuing relentlessly after having been beaten by FUFA at almost everything.

Finally if the IGG has been convinced that FUFA ltd is illegal, who are the shareholders in this company? I see a certain NCS represented by Jasper Aligaweesa. And wasn’t it government that wrote to FIFA in black and white saying they had no problems with the incorporation of FUFA Ltd. Let’s wait and see who is fooling who.

Long-Live FUFA, Long-Live Moses Magogo,Long-Live Lawrence Mulindwa, Long-live Uganda Cranes!!!!


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