Opposition Rwanda People's Party Relocating to Kigali


more about geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>Unlike other Rwanda opposition parties that ride the tide of extremist ideologies, visit this site the RPP has a soft approach towards the government of President Kagame.

“We are pleased to inform you that we will be relocating the RPP to Rwanda in the very near future with the hope of a resounding victory in the 2017 presidential elections and a new chapter in the political history of our country,” said the party’s founder John Karuranga in a statement to Chimpreports on Monday.

“The RPP sets itself apart from other parties by its determination to seek peaceful political change. The RPP denounces all violence and seeks change through the simple one man one vote electoral ballot allowing the people of Rwanda the opportunity to choose between a troubled past and a bright future,” said Karuranga.

The RPF remains the most popular organisation in Rwanda, with its leader President Kagame always scoring highly in presidential elections.

Karuranga said the Rwanda People’s Party celebrates the fourth anniversary of its founding with the goal of promoting reconciliation and bringing the desired democratic political changes longed for by all Rwandan people for the past 55 years.

“This is our pledge to the Rwandan people – the RPP has an undisputable programme, unmatched qualities, and focused incorruptible leadership and as such will work diligently to demonstrate to the people of Rwanda that we have the answers to their critical questions.

The RPP supports a nation and citizenry that respects the rights of its people and values them as equals; and is committed to policies that benefit the people of Rwanda. The RPP is confident this is the foundation from which we can go forward and win the 2017 election.

The Party believes a national reconciliation among the Rwandan people is the only way to build a better Rwanda; a country where we can live alongside one another in peace and tranquillity.”

Karuranga said the RPP believes that even one Rwandan killed is one too many and to this extent the RPP welcomes the disarmament of the FDLR as the group surrenders its arsenals to MONUSCO AND SADEC on May 30, 2014.

“We are confident that the FDLR surrender will help facilitate regional political, social and economic stability. Today Rwanda has over 75,000 refugees still living in the forests of the DRC and refugee camps in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, and others. Their children die of hunger and starvation; they have no access to medication, healthcare, education, or drinking water. We know our fellow Rwandan desire to return home, but are being discouraged by non-government organizations (NGOs), foreign journalists, and Rwandan politicians who are exploiting the pain and suffering of innocent Rwandan refugees purely for financial and personal gain. We condemn these behaviours of exploitation as dishonourable and unacceptable,” he added.

On the 1990 war, Karuranga said the conflict could have been avoided had previous regimes shouldered their responsibility of allowing Rwandan refugees to return peacefully.

“There can never be any apology for the forcible return of Rwandan refugees to their homeland in 1990. The responsibility for this catastrophic war is in the hands of the genocidal regime of late Habyarimana and his cell.”

He added: “Despite being members of the opposition, we believe the current Rwandan social and economic policy is pointing in the right direction. Rwanda’s financial policies are probably some of the best in the world – well-implemented, monitored, and utilized to benefit the Rwandan people.

At present Rwanda is a major economy in East Africa. It has security and stability following the tragic genocide. Rwanda also boasts a secure food supply as well as education and healthcare for all. These achievements are due to the lessons learned from our past. The RPP will support and maintain these effective policies and further expand upon them on winning the 2017 elections.”


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