South Sudan

SPLM Canada Chapter Defects To Machar Rebel Movement


order geneva; font-size: small; line-height: 150%;”>The group claims the war “which was imposed on the people of South Sudan by the regime in Juba has not only devastated the whole country but brought shame and profound humiliation to the people of South Sudan in general, viagra order and particularly to the SPLM Party members.”

purchase geneva;”>In a statement seen by Chimpreports, the association’s leader Samuel Hoth Dak (Chairperson, Provincial Secretariat, Saskatchewan), says the war was planned for a long time within the inner circle of SPLM Party by few individuals whose aim was to impose their person ambition on the people of South Sudan.

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The development comes against the backdrop of SPLA General Dau Aturjuong’s decision to switch his loyalty to Machar’s forces.

“We fought for this country together and finally thought that we are free. This has never been the case. The targeting of civilians in Juba makes a person like myself who fought so hard for this country bleeds,” Dau observed.

However, a pro-Juba General, Gordon Buay said, “Everybody knows that Mr. Dau Aturjuong has a personal problem with General Paul Malong Awan. When the President appointed Gen. Paul Malong as the Chief-of-General-staff of the SPLA, he made a comment that he would rather “hang himself than to serve under Malong Awan”. Instead to hang himself as he promised, he changed his mind and decided to join Riek Machar to stay in Sheraton Hotel in Addis Ababa.”

Since the war broke out in South Sudan, several army officers have joined Machar to topple President Salva Kiir but Ugandan forces have since kept the rebels hundreds of miles away from the Capital Juba.

Hoth, the representative of an association of South Sudanese in Canada, told this website that on December 15, 2013, the secret strategic plan of targeting people from the Nuer tribe was executed by privately trained ethnic base militias from Warrap and Northern Bhar El-Ghazal (Aweil) states with the help of South Sudan National Security Forces in Juba which has resulted in ethnic massacre and army division.

Juba has since denied targeting Neur soldiers but admits that mistakes happened as government forces repulsed a planned coup by Machar.

Hoth said “despite numerous attempts made by some concerned citizens within and outside of the SPLM Party, the chairman of our political party and president of our country did not heed the call of the citizens and of the stakeholders in order to save the country from the imminent danger.”

He added: “The President and the regime opposed all attempts to bring democracy and good governance and instead, the regime and president decided to rule the country with iron fists. Ill advises from wrong advisors and wrong elements within the president’s inner circle; whose objective is to see the fulfilment of their selfish ambitions, have surpassed the wishes of the majority of the SPLM Party members and the people of South Sudan.”

South Sudan president, Salva Kiir, has since expressed confidence that the war-torn world’s youngest state will heal and get back onto the right track of development.

He is also positive that the proposed interim government by the regional body Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) will lead to national healing.

“The upcoming interim government will be inclusive of all South Sudanese including civil society, churches, youth and women,” said Kiir during celebrations to mark SPLA day last month.

He, however, revealed that while many are working towards peace and reconciliation, others are working to frustrate peace efforts.

“There are people who have already formed their government with 5 presidents. I don’t know if they are part of it or not,” Kiir stressed.

To confirm his commitment to end the current conflict, Kiir reiterated his promise that government troops will cease attacking rebel forces. “I have ordered SPLA not to attack rebels.

I signed an agreement with Riek but his forces violated the ceasefire in Rubkona and other areas.”

He said the agreement signed in Addis has also shown roadmap on a political settlement.


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